Kasarova Schedule

For my fellow fans of the Bulgarian - Swiss operatic mezzo-soprano Vesselina Kasarova, here is the updated unofficial performance schedule for our favorite opera singer as compiled from internet searches. If you notice any mistake or know of schedule change, please don't hesitate to let me (and others) know!  
Vesselina Kasarova as Orphee in Gluck's Orphee et Eurydice.

On a different note, click here for quite a wonderful VK treat by Andreas Klingberg. 

Last updated 27 Mar 2015. 

VK's 2015 is going well so far! She will soon make her debut as Judit in Bartok's Bluebeard's Castle and revisit Offenbach's spunky Belle Helene on stage. She is also giving a lot of recitals, and still doing Handel with relish

Oh, and there are two CDs out on the market; the alto part in Enjott Schneider's China Meets Europe/Symphony No. 3 and Berlioz's dying Cleopatre with Ivor Bolton.


19 : Wiesbaden, GER: Bartok - Herzog Blaubarts Burg. Grosses Haus.
21 : Aschaffenburg, GER: Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde with Gabriel Feltz, Stephen Gould. Kleinen Saal.
23 : Stuttgart, GER: Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde with Gabriel Feltz, Stephen Gould & Stuttgarter Philharmoniker. Die Grosse Reihe7.
25: Wiesbaden, GER: Bartok's Blue Beard's Castle. Grosses Haus. 

5 : Basel, SUI: Punkt 12 orchestra rehearsal for La mort de Cleopatre.Stadtcasino Basel - Musiksaal. Check www.radioswissclassic.ch for live broadcasts this week.
6 : Basel, SUI: La mort de Cleopatre. Stadtcasino Basel - Musiksaal.
7 : Basel, SUI: Rossini Salon. Stadtcasino Basel - Festsaal.
16: Heidenheim, GER: Offenbachiade Concert (Opernfestspiele).

6 : Hamburg, GER: Handel's Solomon. Hauptkirche St Michaelis.
10, 14, 21: Wiesbaden, GER: Bartok's Blue Beard's Castle. Grosses Haus.
12 : Luzerne, SUI: Ballnacht concert. Ballsaal, Luzerne Theater.
19, 23, 25 : Hamburg, GER: Offenbach's La Belle Helene. Hamburgische Staatsoper.

8 : Bad Kissingen, GER: Festlichen Operngala concert.
16: Erl, AUS: Tiroler Sommerfestspiele concert (Berlioz, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky). Festival Erl.
20 : Verbier, SUI: Verbier Festival. Rossini's Stabat Mater.


6: Blaibach, GER: Kulturfestival Liederabend. Bayeriche Wald.
20: Bonn, GER: Beethovenfest.

20: Basel, SUI: Liederabend. Stadtcasino Basel.
28: Graz, AUS: Concert with Krassimira Stoyanova. Musikvereins für Steiermark.

2: Graz, AUS: Masterclass - Rossini Akademie. 
25: Braunschweig, GER: Meisterkonzert (Mozart & Rossini arias). Stadthalle Braunschweig.



11: Vienna, AUS: Mozart & Rossini Concert with Wuerttembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn. Grosser Saal, Musikverein.

9, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 28: Paris, FRA: Verdi's Rigoletto (Maddalena). Opera Bastille. 
2, 5, 7, 10, 14, 16, 21, 27, 30: Paris, FRA: Verdi's Rigoletto (Maddalena). Opera Bastille.

Thanks very much to all contributors who help alert me to performance dates and to mistakes on this (unofficial) schedule and to Frau Kasarova & Herr R Kaufmann for the inspiration! Smiley


Anonymous said...

Rio de Janeiro is not in Argentina.... please....

yvette said...

Thank you so much for all the work done for us: Frau Kasarova does not come to fance but she seems to be in Cologne quite often.I will try March to travel and see her again.I miss her live performances a lot!

Smorg said...

Bonjour Yvette!

Avec plaisir, mon amie. :o) I am rather envious of the Cologuese, too. I hope you'll get to see her live in performance again soon. I'm hoping that the Verdi Requiem on September 28, at least, will be web-broadcast. Fingers and toes crossed! ;o)

yvette said...

Dear Smorgy, Back from Köln and the amazing Samson et Dalila. The news is that Frau Kasarova will sing in Paris in December, but as she was speaking with close friends awaiting her at the stagedoor I felt intruding and did not ask for more details of course. ( she used the German word for recital I think? ). Must blog now about this night at the musical Dom, what a night....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this schedule. Ms. Kasarova has been announced to sing in Mexico City's Palacio de Bellas Artes, on Sept. 29, 2014 - of all things in Beethoven's 9th Symphony (can I wish for a solo recital instead please?). Here's more info: http://www.carlosmiguelprieto.com/artist.php?view=cal&cid=20848

Smorg said...

Ooops! Somehow I missed your comment, Yvette. Sorry!! I think this is cue for re-visiting your wonderful post about the concert (and more, too). :o) Hope you are having a good summer. Thank you!!

Thanks very much Anonymous for the Mexico City tip! I'm editing the schedule now. :oD Here's hoping she'll come back for a solo recital soon, too. ;o)

yvette said...

Visiting your fantastic page, so helpful I come to realise VK sings in Basel at springtime a nice period for travelling ! It is always so rewarding to travel for Vesselina Kasarova's performances ! I will see what I can do...thank you for keeping this page fresh with all the news, you are really wonderful Smorgy, and all the best to you!

yvette said...

Bad news just now Lundis musicaux exist no more for economic problems . I feel really sad about VK's concert and if I was a millionaire I will invite her for this concert somwhere else in Paris ( there are so many halls ) on the same date. What could we do?

Smorg said...

Chere Yvette,
Avec plaisir, mon amie! Thanks very much for letting me know about Les Lundis Musicaux cancellations, too! :o( Sad news indeed. I do hope you will manage to catch VK in Basel, though. :o) I'm hoping her Bluebeard will be taped. There isn't enough DVD of that opera around!

Hope you are well and having a good autumn. Summer is fighting to stay in San Diego and we are still having heatwaves. The concert season has started again, though. I'm looking forward to catching Don Giovanni at the opera and a few symphony concerts in a few months. ;o)

Best wishes from sunny San Diego,


yvette said...

Thanks so much for all! here too it is much too warm and we are having foods in south west France whenever it rains. It is a pity these cancellations. I might not be able to travel much in 15.I would have been so happy to see her in Damnation de Faust too... well we keep going D. is in Beijing at the moment and must stay indoors because of dangerous peak of pollution... so it is quite nice to live in natural places... Bluebeard I have never seen either but followed on radio some years ago a smashing broadcast with Willard White and Beatrice Uria Monzon. Always nice to visit "chez vous" All the best !