Friday, January 23, 2009

An almost rainy day in San Diego

I don't know why, but apparently San Diego is really not keen on getting rained on. All the weather forecasters have been calling for rain on Thursday and Friday. Well, no moisture made it to the ground on Thursday (it was so dry here all the 'rain' did a Houdini act before it could get low enough for yours truly to spot it).

Today was a bit better. We got some pin-prick of a rain that was warm enough to somehow remind me of the tropical climate... It also helped that I watch much of the raining attempt from the densely foliage-covered Lath Palace (Botanical Building) at Balboa Park (see picture). It was too bad that Lakme's Flower Duet wasn't playing in the background, too... 
 What's this? Don't know what Lakme's Flower Duet sounds like? Here's a clip of it sung by Natalie Dessay (soprano) and, I think, Delphine Haidan (mezzo-soprano).

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