Sunday, March 1, 2009

Drunken thougths happen when you sit by the seaside too long

I looked enviously at the sea gull floating lazily in the bay...
who cares if he can't do calculus or run an NMR or write an opera review?
He can surf the onshore wind as well as he can surf the choppy sea waves...
and when he just waddles around on dry land, he's got a pair of skinny legs!

O... did I mention that he sings, too? ... A sea gull... That's what I'd want to be when I grow up.

By the way, what is it about the sea that makes it so easy to sit on its shore and be peacefully lost in the moment even when there are screechy sea gulls and other (a little less screechy) people around? It is a strange visitation... Sometimes I feel like an amoeba trying to get a time-warping glimpse back at the primordial soup where my ancestors emerged from....


Geisslein said...

Oh I wish I could sit at the sea NOW and watch the sea gulls and the waves...Wish you a great day with great ideas today! ;o)

Smorg said...

Vielen Dank, Geisslein. :o)

Georg said...

Hallo Smorgy,

On the last photo I see this big city. Is this San Diego?

In my imagination I see DS/SD as a little town because it is nearly never mentioned over here. You hear all the time about SF and of course about LA, but SD, never.

There lived in Germany a writer/poet Kurt Tucholsky. He said "alle Möven müssten Emma heissen."
I think that's unjust, they should be called "Herta".


Smorg said...

Hallo Georg,
That is downtown San Diego indeed, seen from just beyond a man-made islet ('Harbor Island') to the north of it. :o)

I think San Diego is a biggish little town. It is smaller than San Francisco and LA, and I hope it'll remain that way since we don't have as big problem when it comes to pollution and traffic.

There is a building height limit here at 500 ft because the commercial planes have to descend to our airport from just to the north of the tall buildings - so that keeps our skyline from being too crowded with skyscrapers. It's really a beautiful little city to look at from the water! :o)