Friday, May 1, 2009

A look around the Maritime Museum of San Diego

Being decidedly not affluent at the moment, I wouldn't spend $17 on a non-essential... unless it is for a great and rare opera that I couldn't hope to ever catch live again in many many years or for a once a year tour aboard the impressive historic ships of the Maritime Museum in downtown San Diego.

The star attraction here is, of course, the Star of India... today's oldest ship still in active service. Above is a short-ish slide show of still photos of most of the ships (the Californian was, sadly, off limit when I dropped in). The music in the background is Sails by Chet Atkins.

You can actually get into the museum to see all these ships for $15, but adding $3 would also enable you to go on a cruise around the middle part of the San Diego bay on the little Pilot. A good deal!


berenice said...

yes! being at the Star of India makes you realize how sea travel must have been so many years ago, an overwhelming feeling

too bad you didn't get to visit the Berkeley, hope you go back, it's worth the visit too!

Smorg said...

Hiya bella Berenice,
That was a bummer that the Californian was closed off for the day indeed. :o( I love that ship. She's out and sailing about on many Saturday and always has the perk to fire smoke cannons at departing Cruise ship as she comes back to port (around 4PM-ish). What a lovable beast of a boat! ;o)

I did enjoy the Berkeley, though. Can spend a whole day on that big ferry boat. I was tempted to lie down on one of those polished wooden pews on its upper deck and have a good afternoon nap, but that surface would really have ruined my back.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!
Smorgy :o)