Friday, June 5, 2009

A Watch-ful Post

Vesselina Kasarova watch: The mesmerizing Bulgarian mezzo is spending June in Tokyo, Japan, making her house debut at the New National Theater as the title role in Rossini's La Cenerentola (Cinderella).

Juliette Galstian watch: The gorgeous dark-voiced Armenian mezzo had recently updated her website, changed management rep, and will be singing Cornelia in Handel's Giulio Cesare in Egitto at the Cour des Hospices in Beaune (France) on 11 July.

Dorothea Röschmann watch: The German soprano with the golden voice is singing Polly in Weill's The Threepenny Opera (Die Dreigroschenoper) at Barbican Hall in London and at Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris.

Christiane Karg watch: The young German soprano recently granted me a cyber interview and is off to sing Silvia in a performance of Haydn's L'isola disabilita at the Musikverein in Vienna this weekend before coming back to resume performances as Susanna in Le nozze di Figaro at Opera Frankfurt.

Gay Penguins watch: Z and Vielpunkt, the gay German Humboldt penguins, had adopted an abandoned penguinette and are having a good time mothering it in their little corner at the Zoo am Meer in Bremerhaven... Who still says that homosexuality is unnatural now?
These two aren't even the only gay birds at the same zoo...

Smorg watch: My friends keep telling me to eat something... Why? I'm not a Wagnerian soprano, I can't hit the high C in triple forte and I sure as heck don't want to look as though I could either.

But, anyhow, after having spent a week having the same noodle soup for dinner (instant noodle is my cooking specialty), this 6" long Vietnamese beef sandwich from Sau Voi Deli at Ranch Market on Clairemont Mesa Blvd
is what I'm having for dinner tonight... Neither cheese nor any sort of sauces are needed on this thing. It's just grilled beef with really crushy fresh vegetables on a chewy bun. I suspect it is quite healthy, but, thankfully, the tastes doesn't betray that quality!


berenice said...

hola mister Smorg
glad you are ready for the weekend, me too! i haven't seen the links but i surely will, i am so sorry i missed that Opera you mentioned on my blog a couple of weekends ago, hoping to recover energy, time, and stamina to finally make it to a beautiful event with if not opera, at least good classical music

as for you noodle soup, yeah, i used to eat those a lot but 'cause of the migraines i must eat fresh food must of the time :( and it's really hard to cook or get fresh food on weekdays... but your vietnamese sandwich looks really good! and yes i am always amazed how different can asian sandwiches be, the other day i ate a japanese sandwich that had a fish in it, and the tail was sticking out of the bread, it was very tasty but funny to look at...

hey! and don't forget to check out that Pho place in El Cajon Blvd. if you like noodles you are going to like it too! also there's a place across the street that sells vietnamese sandwiches too and according to my vietnamese friend (who introduced me to all these vietnamese wonders) is a great place for sandwiches too!

take care and enjoy a wonderful weekend in our America's finest city :D

Georg said...

Hallo Smorgy,

That's a real bachelor's food, those self-made noodles. My equivalent was cooked buckweat with carrots and onions. Easy to prepare, too and very fast.

There is a "China town" in Paris, the 13th Arrondissement. But in reality, it's Vietnamese Town and full of restaurants. We went there frequently. There were airconditioned ones, mostly empty, and others, no AC but full of Viets. There we went and were never deceived.

I wonder if the Japanese really have a feeling for European Operas. Honestly, I doubt it. I suppose they go there for the same reason as I saw them swarming into the Paris Vuitton shop, buying ugly high class plastic bags.This with regard to V.K. debut singing in Tokyo.

Cheers, Smorgy
and in case Berenice is looking. hola, hola, not holla, holla.


berenice said...

ha! hola herr Georg

i forgot to check the "follow e-mail box" so i didn't see this before... and yes! i am looking, so have you tried the Pho soup the vietnamese make? do you like it?

as for the Japanese taste in Opera, i do know a few very cultured Japanese people, with a flawless taste for music and literature... but of course these are Japanese immigrants who live in San Diego, and i almost dare to say that their cultural inclinations and tastes surpass the European and American ones!! they are REALLY well-read well-learned well-rounded cultural people...

now of course they are very different people from the masses of Japanese tourists you find all over in Europe or here in the US

just as American tourists many times are regarded as uncultured while traveling, when you find real jewels of people here in the US, for example mister Smorg...

that goes to show, huh?

Smorg said...

Hola bella Bere and Ciao Herr Georgy!
I'll be sure to find the Pho place on El Cajon Blvd the next time I'm in the area. Thanks very much, amiga! :o) I'm now also intrigued on the idea of having a sandwich with fish tail sticking out of it for lunch. If only good ole Begemot (my cat) was still around he'd be meowing at me day and night for the treat!

I think Bere's right about the Japanese's taste for Western music, Georgy. In a way... they seem to enjoy it better than we do since they haven't acquired the habit of over-scruntinizing it yet. It seems Kasarova is being pretty well received by the Japanese bloggers there. I'm jealous.... She goes there almost every year now, but hardly ever drop in on the USA (I can't blame her, the critics here can't hear beyond beautiful voice and technique. If they can have it their way we'll soon be able to just replace 'artists' with 'singing robots'). :o(

Hey, thanks for telling me about the Paris Chinatown. That'll be on my check list of what to see the next time I get to visit Paris for sure! :o)

We're having glorious weather this week! I'm afraid it's way too nice to stay inside even for a good concert. ;o) I think I'll go hang around the Embarcadero to see if I can catch any vocalizing birds there. Hope the week is going well for you both, too!

Smorgy :o)

berenice said...

good to read you mister Smorg!
another small quick note, on the birds vocalizations... one of my favorite sounds in the whole world is the cooing of the Mourning Doves... it just brainwashes me when i hear them coo, my heart caves in a little for such a lovely mellow sound... it's a mix of delicate melancholy with the happiness of being alive... do you have a favorite bird sound?

Smorg said...

Hey there neighbor! I like the cooking doves, too. It's almost like listening to a cat's purring. Really slow everything down to a very comfortable pace, ay? :o)

Here close to the water I think our chief avian vocalists are the wrenlits and the sparrows. My favorite bird songs, though, still are those of the St. Louis robins. They sort of sing in bursts... shorter than the wrenlits' songs, but more mellow... and with more conversational infliction (sometimes they sound like they're talking to you). :o)

Geisslein said...

Only a short hello from germany ;o)
sunny greetings, geisslein