Friday, January 22, 2010

A Rainy Week In Southern California

After two full weeks of positively summer-like weather (high temperatures were up in the mid 70's F or around 23C here) Old Man Winter finally realized that Southern California is still quite a bit north of the Equator and therefore on his legitimate hit-list this time of year... So, for the past 5 days, the weather here has been looking like this ...

I'm a few miles inland from the waterfront now, so I'm not affected by flooding. Power was out for a few hours Wednesday, though, and the palm trees lining the streets here are looking balder than usual (woe to the cars that were parked below them!). I went out and got my grocery shopping done during a break in all the airy howliness and was rewarded by a glimpse of a rainbow! This is Southern California, mates... When people say it's raining here, it usually is only sprinkling, so rainbows don't stop by this way all that often.

Anyhow, with all the time being stuck inside I managed to learn how to cook another Thai dish... Egg & pork paloh (paelo) soup.

All you need are: cubed pork, hard boiled eggs, hard tofu, Chinese five spice mix, salt, brown sugar, and soy sauce. It is actually easier to make than I thought it would be, though it does take a while (about 40 minutes).


Georg said...

Bonjour Smorgy,

Good video, the stormy one. I especially liked the night sequence near the end. The rain splashing against, well against what.

Since I misinterpreted Jennifer's photo showing a road that I took for a canal, I don't dare anymore to say what I see.

This is morning, thus I'll look at your Thai food video some hours later.

I was always sorry for people who live in areas without weather, like those desert chaps in Africa or in the Atacama. What can they talk about? Everyday bloody sunshine, nothing else.


cease ill said...

I linked you onto my facebook so friends could come visit your page this weekend and see what it's been like

Really must branch out as you have, for more delightful visitors...

Lucia di Lammermoor fit nicely into the background of my latest short, "The Electric Thief"; I have it up already on but I'm looking for a print publisher...began translating it into Croatian, too! We'll see...
It'll get a guest spot on my next week. Stay in touch.

jane said...

hi! thanks for visiting. and i really appreciate your recipe. i´m going to try it tonight. hugs-jane

Wild Flower said...
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Wild Flower said...

The rain... What a beautiful thing!
Specially when night falls slowly with their splendourous shooting stars, when the only light that we have is an spark lighting deeply in our hearts.

A Big hug from Madrid!


Smorg said...

Hallo Georgy: Thanks! :oD That's the reflection of the lamppost off the wet parking lot surface during the night rain, actually. :oD It was trying to flood, but not quite successfully since my neighborhood is on the top of the hills overlooking downtown.

Nah! You got that photo at Jennifer's blog right, I think. It's a strange looking thing. I thought of a river first, but I had never seen one iced up like that (back in St. Louis when the Missouri would freeze over it really gets frozen with a sheet of white ice on top... not patchily like in that pic).

You'll have to add San Diego to the list of places with boring weather, I'm afraid. That week of storms was a freakish occurrence for the city. It's back to doing the sunny and balmy weather routine again now. :o( I miss the Midwestern snow! :oD

Hiya Cease: Thanks! And now I must go look you up on Facebook to see what you two have been up to! ;o) But why translating to Croatian? Is Croatia a big market for comic books?

Hi Jane: Thanks for dropping by! I hope the recipe turns out ok. :oD It's a rather unusual tasting dish, I think. The scent of it didn't impress me at first, but the more I tasted it, the more I like it. One thing, though, the pork tastes a lot better if it isn't too lean (gotta have some fat to keep it nice and tender). :o)

Hola bella flora: :oD You really know how to enjoy the simple splendor of nature, matie. I wish we can see shooting stars here sometimes, but San Diego is such a big city (and too near the coast) that it is usually either too lighted or too foggy at night to properly see the heaven. Big hug from California! :oD

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. Hope your January is winding down well!

Smorgy :o)

Michael Mattison said...

Hey there Smorg,
Awaiting to hear how the Bohème premiere was. Who was singing?
Greetings from Germany, :-)

Smorg said...

Hiya Michael,
It was good! :oD We had Piotr Beczala as an excellent Rodolfo and Ellie Dehn as a good Mimi (she replaced Anja Harteros who canceled the whole run due to illness). The premiere was almost sold out. I will post a proper post about it hopefully by tomorrow. :o)

Thanks a bunch for asking and for stopping by! Hope February has started well your way. Greetings from cloudy Southern California!

Smorgy :oD

Geisslein said...

just want to wish you a very great ans inspiring day today ;o)
Greetings from rainy germany!!!