Monday, February 22, 2010

What's Cooking: Tom Kha Chicken Drumsticks

The cold front is moving through town so I'm now doing soup. My nose is a bit sore from all the sneezing, though, so I'm opting for the mild and creamy and utterly not-spicy Tom Kha Gai instead of the usual Tom Yum soup. If the name sounds weird to you, it makes perfect sense in Thai:
Tôm = boiled
Kha = galangal
Gai = chicken
It is made with white meat, usually either chicken or shrimp. I like drumsticks...

Drumsticks take longer to cook, of course, so if you opt for shrimp or sliced chicken breast instead you would be happily munching on this creamy concoction while I'm still trying to coax the drumsticks to denature into something a little more repulsive to the last of the salmonella residing in its muscle tissues. The batch I cook in the clip is a bit larger than the spec... I'm a lazy cook. This batch has got to last me the whole week!


Anna said...

Hiya Smorgy!
Cooking for a whole week! You're not picking up my bad habits are you? I hope that I don't come back a week later and read that you're drinking 20 cups of coffee a day. :P


Id it is said...

With all the snow piled around us here in the NE that looks extremely inviting!

berenice said...

oh mister Smorg, those drumsticks look delicious! i love Tom Kha soup, so bet these were as good as the soup, or better!... and those wouldn't last me a week, usually when i cook is only for myself, so i do a triple batch to keep left overs for lunch and next day dinner... but i always eat the whole thing, so i over eat and still have to cook the next day! hope that didn't happen to you ;) but i don't think they lasted you a week either huh?

Smorg said...

Hiya Anna: I'm a lazy chef, matie. The kitchen can only stand having me around a few times a week before it gets irritated enough to start fuming and spitting hot oil. ;o) If it would make you feel better, though, I'm only drinking a cup or so of coffee a day... Though each cup holds about a gallon. ;o)

Hiya Id: I hope the weather has improved since! It's March already and spring is just around the corner. Though I'd say that the soup is just mild enough to still be good even when it is warm outside. ;o)

Hola Bere: You caught me, amiga. This bowl only survived 2 days in the fridge. I don't know why. I think my shadow sneaked into the kitchen while I was officially asleep and finished up the whole thing for me. Somehow the real waist line (rather than the shadow one) is suffering for it. I tell you, my friend, life is not fair that way! ;o)

Thanks for stopping by, maties. Hope March has started well your way!