Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Brief Visit To North Park

As many of you would have noticed by now, a smorg is a slow-moving creature. And as I've had quite a bit of distance to move of late (have just relocated to the South Bay area of Chula Vista... quite a few miles closer to the Mexican border), I have been even slower-moving than usual!

I did get up to visit the old haunts in North Park over the weekend, though (had to go see about a few old furry friends). Dropped off some mails at the always overly busy North Park Post Office on Grimm St... I wonder which speedophobic architect designed the place. Everything there seems set up to make the traffic flow as retarded as possible. Just have a look at where they've set up the quick-drop mail boxes... Why put the things out of reach against the building where people have to park and get out of their car to deposit their mail when they could have put the boxes at the edge of the sidewalk where people can just drive by, roll down their car window, drop their posts and be off?

The staff inside do their best, of course, but the building fights rather than help them move the customer through the line as quickly as possible. It also doesn't help that there are rarely ever more than 2 customer service staff manning the counter at the same time (so the line goes right out the front door on a regular basis).

I also dropped in at Auntie Helen's, the perpetually characterful thrift-shop on 30th between Lincoln and Polk with its eclectic but always friendly staff and clientele... and manned by the gay world's most serene-tempered dog (don't get startled if the white fluffy shawl on the countertop suddenly shifts its position or raises its head to sniff at you... it really actually is a dog!).

Last Sunday in North Park was actually livelier than usual with its Festival of the Arts taking over University Avenue between 30th and 32nd Streets. Multiple stages showing live rock bands, dance troupes, local kids music programs, local vendors, lots of good food.

I followed a particularly inviting scent to a stall near Illinois St where a friendly guy was grilling a bunch of mouth-watering Mexican hotdogs (fat sausages wrapped in juicy bacon!). Naturally I couldn't resist ridding him of the well-endowed links...

Though, as you can see from the photos, bacon has a demoralizingly disturbing way of shrinking into near-nothingness as it makes its way from the grill to my plate... Where the heck did all that tasty bit of fat go???

Don't be alarmed by the cloudiness in the video, though. It's normal weather for San Diego this time of year. The locals call it 'May Gray' and 'June Gloom'... The low layer of cloud usually burns off by noon and leaves you with a brilliantly sunny afternoon that explains nearly everyone's tan (and skin cancer, among other things).


berenice said...

hola mister Smorg! so nice to read you again, i was starting to think that St. Louis won you over ;) I knew about the North Park Fair but stayed away from it... I am trying to be good with food and street fairs are a huge temptation, as you demonstrate here with the 'perros calientes' = hot dogs... NP is a great neighborhood and i am sure you miss it :( Chula Vista is cool but surely you have to get some Spanish lessons, hey!! i can help you with that

and LOL on your May Gray comment on skin cancer, heh heh... i am on the contrary, trying to get more sun!! been reading on the deficiency of Vitamin D, apparently now everybody is sooo scared of the sunlight 'cause of skin cancer that people are getting Vitamin D deficiency 'cause of the overuse of sunscreens, side effects are depression, osteoporosis, and a pale look that will guarantee no need of Halloween custom, ha ha (i made up the last symptom...) anyways it's so hard to find the right middle between sun or not sun, veggies and meat, fat and lean... it will take a life time... good to read you again mister Smorg and hope to see you soon around our lovely city!

Geisslein said...

Hi Smorgy, hi Berenice,
let me tell you about the weather here in is raining, raining, raining...almost every time of the day or night...ÄÄÄÄÄHHHHH! I want the sun to come out! I need sunshine...desperately...I need warmer temperatures, I want to walk barefoot, I want to wear less clothes - I WANT SUNSHINE!!!!
Apart from that - everything is fine ;o)
Have a nice day today...with or without sun!

Smorg said...

Hiya Bere & Geisslein!
Thanks for stopping by! :oD It's true indeed that we often overcompensate in life. It seems many dark skin folks will do anything to avoid the sun and many pale skin ones are almost living in the tanning booth. ;o) And I don't quite get how the more we Americans are obsessed with dieting, the fatter we seem to get (whereas the French eat what they like - but not too much of it - and get to keep their figure, too.

The sun really came out today so I'm staying in until the evening. I wonder if that volcanic cloud from Iceland is affecting Geisslein's weather (another friend in Munich is complaining of the same thing... rain, rain, rain). :o) Hopefully there still are many things to smile about though!

Hope you both are having a great week! I'm trying hard to catch back up, but I think it'll take a while. Why wasn't I born with 2 extra heads and a few more hands? ;o)


Drew80 said...

I've only been to San Diego once.

When we were kids, my parents took my brothers and me to San Diego to visit the zoos.

I remember, most of all, that it was sunny all the time.

Anna said...

G'Day Smorgy!
It's so good to see you back online and in the thick of things. Seems to have become permanently cloudy over her in Melbourne. The cold is beginning to really bite and it's very tempting to stay warm indoors all day.
I hope you are getting all the mail properly at your new abode!
Best regards and wishes,

Georg said...

Bonjour Smorgy, slow moving creature,

First let me tell you that I loved this expression May Grey and June Gloom. However, this is not very consistent with California. Would be much better suited to Geisslein's area, somewhere in Germania.

Had a look at your video. Bit strange without explanation. First I see some girls hammering on portions of railing, then others girls are agitating colored scarves as if they would chase mosquitoes and third, well, what was it? Loud drumming, bum, bum, bum, schlaf, schlaf.

Those Mexican hot dogs look from a distance like an assortment of fried penises. Are you sure what it is??

Auntie Helen's bookshop seems very inviting. Reminds me of the "Shakespeare & Company" bookshop in Paris, near Notre Dame and the Seine.

Cheerio, Smorgy