Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh no... There goes my poisonous tail stinger sign!

Uncertainty isn't confined to sub-atomic particles after all...

Guess I should be glad I was always too fascinated by the telescope and the microscope to pay much attention to the horoscope else I'd be experiencing such an identity crisis right about now!


Georg said...

Hi Smorgy,

Ms Maddoff didn't really tell something new! But it is amazing how she does it, that's truly American I guess. The same text told over here would probably be quite boring.

Glamour Science.

Do you think she is related to the financial Maddoff, this old crackit gaberlunzi?


Smorg said...

Hallo Georgy,

She does have a knack for making stuff she talks about fun to listen to indeed, even the geeky tech stuff and politics. :o) The lass has an impressive resume (she's a Rhodes Scholar and has a PhD in politics).

I don't think she is related to Maddoff, though. She pronounces her surname Mad-dow instead of Mad-doff (though I think you're right that her ancestors would probably have pronounced it Maddoff. A lot of Polish Americans Americanize their names like that. The other one I know of (and like very much) is the physicist Leonard Mlodinow. He pronounces it as written instead of as Lo-di-noff). :o)

Georg said...

Heya Smorgy,

It might be interesting to know if she always pronounced her name Maddow or only since the financial Maddoff had a rough landing.

Because "off" cannot pronounced "ow", not even in English.