Thursday, March 17, 2011

To my fellow panicky American West Coasters

Panicking isn't a good quality, especially when it has the effect of depleting the supply of needed remedy for the people who actually need it... Quit making a run on those potassium iodide pills!!!


Georg said...

Hi Smorgy,

Well, to tell you the truth I would be panicky as well if I had a nuke power plant nearby, right at the sea site, on top of a geological fault line.



Georg said...

Bonjour Smorgy,

Last time you told me you could at least comment as "Anonymous". Could it be that you a omitting one click when trying to comment?? We have both "blogspot" on our link. So it should be the same procedure. When trying to fire off a comment, blogspot asks for a profile to choose from a scroll down list. In my case it is "Google account" and yours may be different. But you have to choose yours.

As to those iode pills they are hawking around, they are dangerous if one is not already contaminated by some of those radiations.

Those nuke power plants are really ticking time bombs and even if nothing happens, NOBODY has found any means where to stock SAFELY for more than thousand years the radiatiting offal.


Smorg said...

Hallo Georgy,

It seems to be a computer-specific glitch, this. :o( From my laptop I can't leave any sort of comment at all. I haven't tried to log in from the library computer, though. Was afraid that it was an account-specific glitch instead of computer-specific one. Will try next time. :o)

The officials here tell us our nuke plants are much safer than the Japanese ones. I'm not so certain of it...

It is appalling how devastated Japan is given how well prepared that place was. I don't think we Americans are as well prepped against earthquakes and tsunamis here. With just about everywhere else on the Pacific Ring of Fire having had a major earthquake in the last year or two, I can't help wondering if the San Andreas fault would do a big quake sooner rather than later. :o(

Hope all is well in France! I'm out of town again for 2 weeks. Won't have a day off until April 9th, then I think I'll crash and sleep all day. :o)

Smorgy :o) ... is still working on the favorite music post...

Georg said...

Hi Smorgy,

All is well here in Central France. And in Cantal there are no nuke plants. The nearest one must be at least 150 miles away. Nevertheless, that's a kind of high-tech IED, nothing more.