Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's All In A Bun

I'm one of those eaters who sometimes doesn't want to know what I'm eating. Knowing the chemistry involved in the food-making, though, is a different matter altogether. I'm a glutton for info like this...

I'm glad she said 'burp' instead of 'fart'...

If the video on this page doesn't work for you, try going to the original source here.


HM0880 said...

I never thought that expanding CO2 bubbles is what causes the bread to rise. Makes sense tho! Love the animation/sound effects for the yeast...ahem... "burping." :D

Geisslein said...

just wanna wish you a lovely start in the new - hopefully happy - new week! Sunny greetings from hot germany, geisslein!

Smorg said...

Hiya HM:
I sure eat a lot of CO2 gas. I love bread and diet soda (don't tell my mom, though), so those yeast can keep on burping and keep me gassy. ;o) Glad you enjoyed the clip! Thanks a bunch for dropping by. Hope all is going well at school and off, too!

Hallo Geisslein:
Thanks very much for stopping by! Hope all is well in Germany, too, now that they have supposedly found what caused that E. Coli outbreak, ay? :o)

HM0880 said...

Hey there Smorg,

I'm doing excellently. Classes finished about five weeks ago. For the summer, I am doing physics research with a professor and two other students. We have done energy studies of nuclear fusion reactions for the past month, and I think we may be switching to carbon purification soon.

Yesterday, all the summer physics researchers gave informal five-minute talks about their various projects, and our talk went well. Last week, I had watched Joyce DiDonato's "Handling Nerves" vlog, and during the talk, I tried to remember her advice: "smile genuinely" and "breathe." Sometimes one forgets those little things. :D

Hope all is well with you!