Monday, April 23, 2012

Just A Thought: When Atheists Are Ugly...

I'm an equal opportunity dissenter. As much as the evangelical/radical Christians irritate me when they do something like ambushing people at the only in/out access to a non-religious concert venue or picketing at funerals of gays or other people whose lifestyle they presume to disapprove of or attempting to force kids in public schools to study their religious creation myth in science classes or using political/social/financial influence to try to force their religious dogma on the general public, etc:

I'm even more irritated when atheists do something like this (the Friendly Atheist's gleeful bashing of Chuck Colson upon learning of his death a few hours before). And that the majority of atheists who turned up to comment on this article are cheering him on rather than calling him out for it only adds insult to the injury. 

No, this spitting on a freshly dead 'enemy' even before his corpse got cold doesn't compare to what many religious people have done on the indecency scale, but since when is it okay to behave like a bunch of morally depraved folks just because you think the other folks would do the same hideous thing or worse? Do what those you condemn would do, and you yield any high ground you might have had on them. Shame.... godless or not.


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:o( Wish I didn't have to write that up myself. Somehow I get more miffed when atheists do that sort of thing than when religious people do it. I guess I've turned a bit snobbish (and think the formers ought to know better, so to speak)... but there are bad apples in every group indeed.