Monday, May 28, 2012

Kasarova Update: May 2012

What a year 2012 is already for Vesselina Kasarova! After a brief stay with Artists Management Zurich, Frau Kasarova is now represented by Munich-based Stefan Schmerbeck. This year she has portrayed Verdi's Eboli to Bellini's Romeo and, not many hours ago, Berlioz's Cleopatre, all in splendid form and drawing excellent reviews! Next up she goes on tour with Yordan Kamdzharov and the Helsinki Baroque Orchestra, starting at the Marktkirche zu Halle on June 3rd (see schedule for more dates)
Vesselina Kasarova (Romeo) and Anna Netrebko (Giulietta) in Bellini's I Capuleti e i Montecchi at the Bavarian State Opera in May 2012 (screenshot from the live stream).
In case you missed a few recent performances, here are recent recordings/appearances that are still freely accessible:
Video: - ZF : Aeschbacher - Mit Leib und Seele

Audio: - SWR2: Schwetzingen Festival concert with Charles Spencer

           - Oe1: Berlioz's La morte de Cleopatre from Salzburger pfingstfestspiele.


yvette said...

Great links, I appreciate the last one very much. Thanks so much Smorgy!

Benata said...

I like your blog, thank you for all your posts regarding Kasarova!
I read in the booklet of the concert Cleopatra Tragica in Salzburg that Kasarova will sing Romeo in Oslo in October.
(concertante version?)
It is also mentioned that she will sing Amneris in Aida in Opera Cologne but I did not find anything.
Warmest regards from a Kasarova fan

Smorg said...

Bonjour Yvette: My pleasure, chere amie! :oD Thanks a bunch for all you are sharing on your blog, too! Sorry I haven't had time to leave proper comments of late. Got a bit behind on work, so now I have to cram a bit (hopefully will get it all done today, then I can take a couple of days off before tackling the next batch). Hope you and everyone are well and having a good start to June!

Hiya Benata: Thank you so much for the tip off! I hadn't heard about the Norwegian NO dates before. How cool! :oD I hope you enjoyed the Mort de Cleopatre. I only heard the radio broadcast and am endlessly impressed how she moved from a marvelous Bellini Romeo to an utterly convincing Berlioz Cleopatre in just a couple of days. Different roles, different voices and pathos... what an artist!

It seems she's debuting as Amneris in Cologne in January 2014 indeed. I don't know the rest of the dates yet. I think the Aida will be Krassimira Stoyanova. :oD

Thanks very much again! Best wishes and hope to see you again, too! :o)

Benata said...

Hi again Smorg!
I was very impressed - the venue - Felsenreitschule was completely packed out,I was seated in the second row, quite near. When she sings, she becomes the character, it is not only beautiful singing. The orchestra also sounded great under the baton of JE Gardiner.
(You have maybe seen the nice photo on the facebook page of the Salzburg Festival)

Thank you for the Amneris news!
(here is an intervieof the two singers regarding their work together)
(I am not sure if you have listened to it already)

Best wishes to you also!
greetings from Paris

Anonymous said...

thank you Benata for your impression. I was listening on the radio La Mort de Cleopatre and was really in awe of her characterization as well as how great the orchestra was. Must be so amazing to feel the intensity from 2nd row! Thanks also for the brklassik link! greetings from another Kasarova fan :-). -thadieu

Benata said...

to thadieu : Thank you so much for your reviews and photos from Munich!