Monday, June 18, 2012

Steak burger with fries and operatic arias

I took my bike out for a little de-stressing spin yesterday around noon. Spent an hour or so exploring around South Park/Golden Hill area before popping up on the frumpy part of University Avenue in (I think) Normal Height area ready for re-fueling when I spotted this burger joint on the north side of the street.

Canada Steak Burger. I don't know what the Canada part means, but being from the Midwest (and much addicted to Steak n Shake during my college years), I just had to check the place out! 

It's a small burger joint thingy, but it sure is a local favorite. The place is quite well kept and busy if not for dine-in customers then the ones that kept the phone line busy calling for pick-up orders. I didn't like the area that much and ordered the 6 oz deluxe combo to go, intending to cycle on to a park to get a better lunch time view.... That was until I looked up at the flat screen television in the corner to see Placido Domingo in a Neptune outfit on a dark operatic stage singing an opera aria in English!
Opera! On television at a burger joint in San Diego on a Sunday afternoon!
KPBS was showing the pastiche opera Enchanted Island that was live broadcast in HD from the Met to movie theaters back in January as part of the channel's 'Great Performances' series. I doubt that the staff had opera on on purpose, but the fact that they had parked the television on KPBS rather than the customary sport or soap opera channels really scored big with me.

6 oz cheeseburger deluxe combo at Canada Steak Burger
And, oh, the steak burger was awesome, too! Even better than the Midwestern Steak n Shake burgers. The fries was fresh and well spiced (rather than just salted). And the combo only cost $7 (tax included and rounded up). I'm telling you. If you ever find yourself in North Park, Normal Height or City Height area of San Diego during meal time and feel a craving for a good (and very reasonably priced) burger, you have got to check Canada Steak Burger out. I'm definitely going back for more!


Anonymous said...

How many miles did you have to cycle to work off that lot? - it looks delicious!

Smorg said...

Hey Eyes,
I didn't! :( It was indeed very delicious. I ate it all and gave the bike quite a hard time when I got back on it afterward. A week later and I'm still a pound too heavy!