Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Info Wanted: A Driver Intentionally Hit and Ran Cyclists in San Diego (Balboa Park)

Looking for:
- Vehicle: Silver Lexus with CA partial tags '6DTG'.
- Driver: White male in his 50-60's.
Below is re-posted with permission. Please contact San Diego Police (incident#12090017542) or Bruce Shank at San Diego Cyclists FB group if you have any information about the case. This guy meant to cause others bodily harms and could have killed someone doing what he did.
San Diego Cyclists. Be on the lookout and share. Hit and run on the Laurel St Bridge in Balboa Park. Silver Lexus CA partial tags 6DTG. Cyclists are ok but let's find this driver. San Diego Police Incident #12090017542.
I was traveling west on the Laurel Street Bridge through Balboa Park. The speed limit on this road is 15mph as the bridge is narrow and runs through the park. I happened to look at my GPS and noticed I was traveling at 17mph. Still, several cars passed illegally on a double yellow line at high rate of speed for a narrow bridge in the park. As I approached a group of slower cyclists I moved further left into the lane taking the full lane as allowed by law to pass them, especially since I was traveling at the posted speed limit. As oncoming traffic began to impede the cars that were illegally passing one driver behind us blew his horn for the short remaining portion of the bridge to the stop sign.

At the stop sign the driver begin yelling at all of us to get our bikes out of the road. I said to him three times while he was yelling that the speed limit is only 15mph and cyclists have the right to use the full lane. The man continued to want to argue. Me and the other cyclists tried to let it go and proceeded through the stop sign. The car also pulled away from the stop sign (I was up front, this happened behind me) and according to many witnesses the car deliberately swerved to clip the cyclists. After he hit the cyclists the driver sped off at a high rate of speed continuing west on Laurel Street and appeared to turn left on 4th Ave.

The driver was a white male in his late 50s to maybe early 60s driving a Silver Lexus with California Plates. Witnesses were only able to get the first few digits of the plate "6DTG"

SDPD officers who took the report said they would turn the incident report over to their traffic division but warned it wouldn't be investigated because the only damage was to the bicycles which is personal property. According to the officers SDPD does not investigate hit & runs that only involve damage to personal property - there has to be personal injury for an investigation. Cyclists had scrapes on their knees and legs and complained about bruises on their arms so the SDPD eventually said that satisfied as personal injury.
I will be following up on this with the SDPD if I do not hear anything back within 5 days. This issue needs to be pressed as these types of motorists need to be pursued and charged to full extent. 


Anonymous said...

I hope they catch the b*^$@()*&^! Smorgy. Please let us know what transpires.

Le Chevalier de Ribes said...

I would love to live in San Diego to know you Smorg AND to catch this bad person driver.

Wish you a sweet and nice autumn!

La Chevalier.

earwormopera said...

I hope they catch him too - some drivers can be such a**holes to cyclists.

Smorg said...

Hi Eyes, La chevalier & Ear:
Thanks very much! :oD I haven't heard of any development in the case so far. Hopefully the police can locate the driver with the partial plate number indeed. :o( Bicycling on the road is already potentially dangerous enough without drivers who are willing to use their car to plow into a bunch of cyclists like that.

I'm house/dog watching north of town at the moment. Will have my big bike ride tomorrow and then go home on Monday. :o) It's looking to be a very hot weekend for us, but hopefully autumn will arrive soon!

Thanks again for stopping by and for your support. Here's wishing you a very lovely weekend and end of summer, too! :oD


Georg said...

What a sad story, Smorgy. Good idea to have a follow-up and learn how the incident develops (or not). Makes one scared to ride a cycle.


Smorg said...

Hallo Georgy: It is, my friend. I'm afraid I haven't heard anymore about the story, so they probably haven't caught that ill-tempered driver yet. :oP Sometimes I wonder if the video games that have people score points for running down cyclists and pedestrians, etc, aren't desensitizing some folks into believing that they can hit people with their car and nothing worse that lost game points will happen... Ugghh.