Saturday, October 20, 2012

Goofy horn players of the Berlin Philharmonic


These guys are Stefan Dohr, Sarah Willis, and Fergus McWilliam of the Berlin Philharmonics, of course. Check them out at: Berliner Philharmoniker website, Berlin Phil horn section youtube, the Digital Concert Hall, Facebook page.


Sarah said...

Brilliant ! Tsk those goofy horn players!

Smorg said...

Hi Sarah: They are wonderful, aren't they? It's so cool to see them having so much fun hanging at work! :oD

Anonymous said...

Tastes like all those Mahler symphonies??? Hahahahahaaa!

Georg said...

Great music. These two invented a store room of gigantic proportions.
Great stuff.

The horn has such a wonderful sound. Without knowing, I would say this instrument is made of wood and not
messinc (Trompetenblech).