Thursday, November 1, 2012

San Diego Views Quiz #2

So, for those familiar with San Diego. Do you recognize these places? Smiley
A. This is on a bench... where?

C. You've gotta know this one!

D. The tower.... not the kangaroo!

E. You also have got to know this one!

F. He is north of the city limit...

G. A popular spot especially during winter months.

H. These guys hang out by a famous house.

I. You can see landing planes from here.

J. Which popular tourists attraction have this in its HQ?

K. This monument is a bit obscure, I'm afraid. It's in the city.

L. A freebie for those who click on it for bigger pic...

M. I've got to learn to photoshop. This is too easy!
N. The view here is spectacular at sunset!

O. It costs you $5 to visit here.


Georg said...

Hallo Smorgy,

Guess picture I shows Balboa Parc.


berenice said...

hi mister Smorg, and Herr Georg!

i love your quizzes, although they make me a little sad 'cause I realize how little I know our beautiful city, but here i go!

A. I assume Hillcrest, on the 'new' Harvey Milk street, but that's just an educated (?) guess...

B. and C. very frustrating 'cause I am sure I've seen both of them! grrrr, but I don't remember, maybe B at El Presidio Park?

D. this one I know! on University Ave. on City Heights, I have pictures of it, when it was complete, then when they cut the top, and now it's back, love the tower and this eclectic neighborhood, best Pho ever!

E. Mount Soledad

F. a classical, the Cardiff Kook, i see 'him' on the news all the time with his different customes..

G. is it Sunset Cliffs?

H. dunno :(

I. yeah!! i love that bridge, the suspension bridge on Bankers Hill!

J. dunno again :(

K. too obscure for me, but I feel like I recognize that view and canyon! but then again all San Diego looks like that ;)

L. ha ha, I didn't zoom in, and I don't know the name, but I know this big house is on Sherman Heights, 'cause I had a friend living around there!

M. not too easy for me, where is that 'landed' boat? i wrote boat! ??? heh heh

N. awww another one I don't know, let me know so I can go and see the sunset :)

O. La Jolla cove!

Anonymous said...

Another good quiz!
a. Man, how many benches are out there with plaques in San Diego? One for Harvey Milk, I'll guess somewhere in Hillcrest.

b. The INdian in Presidio area. Between the Serra Museum and the freeway.

c. That statue in Balboa Park on the road that goes to the organ pavilion.

d. No idea. Never been on University Ave east of Park Blvd myself

e. Mt Soledad cross

f. Cardiff, off PCH

g. It could be Sunset Cliffs, but somehow I don't think so.

h. Isn't that in the Gaslamp somewhere?

i. Suspension pedestrian bridge! Didn't know there's another one beside Scripps crossing!

j. Torrey PInes Lodge
k. Smorg, you nose around town too much! No idea.

l. Villa Montezuma on 20th and K! (Thanx for freebie. Can use it, obviously)

m. The Recruit in Liberty Station.

n. The out-size potty hole in your backyard?

o. Oh, I've been there, but I didn't have to pay since I was on a boat. Sunny Jim cave in La JOlla!

This is Soren, of course.

Smorg said...

Hi Georgy, Bere, and Soren!
Some good guesses already! There are a few pics from Balboa Park indeed. :o) That place has got so many wonderful gems hiding in plain sight! I'm afraid I must torture you for a few more day and hold off revealing the answers until... this Friday. ;o) I bet Bella Bere will have checked out a few more answers by then. When Georgy manages to come and visit San Diego we've gotta give him a good joint tour of America's Finest City!

And Soren... You've been to G before, bro! You nearly broke an ankle slipping on some algae, if I recall correctly. ;)

Smorg said...

Hiya! Sorry I'm late! Got distracted into other stuff. Anyhow, the answers:

A - Harvey Milk bench is on the south side of El Prado overlooking Zoro Garden in Balboa Park.
B - The Indian sculpture is on Presidio Dr just west of the Serra Museum.
C - Le Cid statue is between the central fountain and Spreckels Organ Pavilion at Balboa Park.
D - Euclid Tower on Euclid at University Ave.
E - Mt Soledad Veterans Memorial Cross, of course.
F - Magic Carpet Ride ('The Kook') off PCH in Cardiff, of course.
G - Cabrillo tidepools.
H - Bum the SD town dog and Greyfriars Bobby hang out in the courtyard of William Heath Davis House in the Gaslamp Quarter (4th and Island).
I - Spruce St Suspension Bridge in Bankers Hill.
J - Torrey Pines Lodge at Torrey Pines State Preserve.
K - Waterman Memorial at Maple & Albatross in Bankers Hill.
L - Villa Montezuma at 20th and K in Sherman Heights.
M - The Recruit is permanently beached in Liberty Station (just west of the Harbor Dr bridge).
N - The giant sinkhole in Sunset Cliffs (toward Ladera).
O - Sunny Jim Cave in La Jolla (access via The Cave Store).

Thanks very much for playing! :oD