Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May gray, De Luz cycle ride, and a sultry Oblivion

Spring is slowing phrasing out. It's a great time to be outdoor here in San Diego! The boon of having cooling water current just offshore gives us a sort of two shades of May; the days are either cool and cloudy, typical of a 'May Gray'; or they are bright, warm and sunny - portending incoming summer months.
Some May mornings are clouded in ground-hugging fog...
And some May mornings strip the sky free of any vapory clothing!
The purple jacarandas are blooming cloud or shine, though.
Yours truly, naturally, have either been too lazy or too busy to keep the blog properly updated. These are the last few weeks before my beloved mountain routes around town become too hot to pedal up on my not-all-that-light aluminum steed. I even missed the Joshua Bell concerts with the SD Symphony last week in favor of another long ride up in De Luz. That's a transgression worthy of an eternity in the most torturous chamber of Hades to many fellow classical music lovers!

Beautiful oak-lined De Luz Rd
The gorgeous country lanes of De Luz Heights
... with a view to climb for!
Well... have a look and see if my excuse is really that lame. Wouldn't you like to be in views like these every chance you get, especially if you live in the middle of an urban concrete jungle?

At any rate, I had a bit of a consolation music-wise last week when I stumbled on this Youtube clip of one Arabella Steinbacher playing a really sultry violin & orchestra arrangement of a Piazzolla tango, 'Oblivion'. Doesn't she just whisk you off into some intense Argentine daydream with her playing?


Anonymous said...

Why Smorgy - you've gone all poetic on us!!
Beautiful scenes and gorgeous music indeed so thank you for sharing them. Nobody could blame you for being torn as to which beauty to experience but the weather is so transient and music can always be garnered in alternate ways. Where would we be without friendly blogs and YT??

Smorg said...

Hi Eyes!
It's a poetic time of year, matie. :oD Very glad you enjoyed the photos and the music, too. I'd be quite lost without friendly blogs and YT indeed, especially here in culturally rather-not-so-rich bit of the globe.

Am happy to report that is also back online after a couple of weeks worth of downtime. Really loving all the concert footage on there!

Thanks very much for stopping by. Hope you are having a wonderful last week of May! :o)

knotty said...

What a fun, optimistic post... Glad you're enjoying yourself, Smorgy!