Friday, November 15, 2013


Getting up early in the morning almost always feels sucky to me... especially when it's cold out. And, having been acclimatized here in Southern California for a full decade now, 'cold' is really anything cooler than 68F or so. This is when it's nice that many of my friends are reading what I say on a computer screen rather than hearing it from me face to face since by this time of year they would probably regard 68F as something downright summerly!

But, early rising only really sucks for a few minutes after I've gotten out of my warm bed, pulled on my cycling kit, and ride out into the cold morning. Once I've warmed up a bit and gotten used to the punch of cold wind in my face I get to enjoy the nearly car-free roads, quiet streets without the humming background freeway noise, occasional raccoons running across the road from one drainage grate to another, and some really cool morning vistas... like these:

Sunrise over Downtown San Diego from Shelter Island.
Torrey Pines lagoon in the calm morning before the wind picks up.
Gotch bridge over Rose Inlet.
Sunrise in Chula Vista.
Sunrise in North Park.
Sunrise in Rincon.
Cold weather... It's mountains cycling season again!!!


knotty said...

We had a couple of cold mornings in Texas this week. Frankly, I found them refreshing.

Anonymous said...

68F is a positive heat wave! Better find the wooly jumper, Smorgy, my weather app says it will be between 68 and 64 all week. I love comparing the weather in all the WS regions. The East coast is becoming decidedly chilly and rather unpredictable of late. Enjoy.
Eyes aka Anonymous

earwormopera said...

What great photos!

I hear you about anything below 68F feeling cold - I have lived in the South long enough that I think my internal thermostat has been permanently changed.

Smorg said...

Hi Knotty, Eyes & Dr Dog!
I'm loving the colder weather, actually. :oD It's much better for cycling, even though the first few minutes of a morning ride could be rather excruciating. Once I start up a hill, all the layers come off pretty quickly. ;o)

It's so cool how you keep an eye on weather elsewhere, Eyes! :o) I'm feeling rather spoiled here in Southern California... Thought we were in for a stormy weekend, but it only rained a bit before sunrise on Saturday and stayed dry for me on my Mt Miguel ride (tho the damp pavement did make descending that thing a bit more interesting for comfort), then Sunday was just glorious. Sure am glad I'm not back in the Midwest where all the weather hang out...

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by. Hope your week has started well!


yvette said...

poetry and music in these sunrises... nice to visit ...