Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just a taste of Enzo as the rain returns in December

I discovered Enzo (), the mellow-voiced French singer, in the late 90's while in college. I was taking French classes then and found watching French movies and listening to French music very helpful in acquiring the ear for the language. Enzo was especially helpful... I mean, listen to her diction!

Or even if you aren't trying to train your ears to hear French words really well, the lass is still quite transfixing to listen to... even as she pretends to be just a lounge singer.


Anonymous said...

Well that's a first for me ... an acoustic bassguitar/'cello thing! oh, and a glamorous chanteuse!

yvette said...

Gosh! très bon goût car Enzo Enzo c'est vraiment de la très bonne variété pas de la variétoche... see... I now understand the links which somehow work like magic threads ... amazing you should appreciate this singer in your early students days... I've not heard about her lately though... you are bringing her back into focus and my blogfriend Willym at nearly the same period is appreciating L'Enfance du Christ... French tastes shared by my blogfriends while I was following the confrontation and strong links being made I think with birth of mutual respect between Caroline and Kate chez Eyes... well I do appreciate my blogfriends a lot!

yvette said...

Oups, I mean between Caroline and Gillian hilarious yes... and very moving... sorry Smorgy so strange to see you learning French with such a rather rive gauche singer.. very fine San Diego!

Smorg said...

Hiya Eyes & Yvette!
And a glamorous chanteuse en chemise blanche! :oD

She is a bit rive gauche here indeed, chere amie. I suspect I might not have given her due chance had that been the first song I heard from her. Luckily, it was the famous Les yeux ouverts. Ooooh! And I've just found a live clip of it on Youtube ( ). How cool is that?

Anyhow, Mama Cass' Dream A Little Dream somehow got stuck in my ears right around then, and I went looking for a French version of it that I heard on a film (I think it was French Kiss with Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan) and stumbled onto her recording... and found her endlessly dreamy. :oD That album, Enzo Enzo, is fantastic. Even now, a decade later, I still have Pacifico pop up in my head sometimes when riding along the coast.

And now that you mentioned L'Enfant du Christ, I've got to dig that up again in remembrance of VK's performance of it that I think you went to see. Just the right time of year...

Eyes got me revisiting the fotos I took of many wild birds on my bike ride this year earlier (specifically looking for the scrub jay and the Steller's jay), and now Yvette got me on good music track again. I love it when you gals drop by! :oD Thanks so much and hope you both are having a great December!