Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015!

I blinked and another year just sneaked by! And what an eventful year it was, too. After three years at the same pad my roommate and I are looking for a new abode to move into (the landlady is selling the building), hopefully still somewhere in the Uptown area.
Theo & Casey.

I would be quite sad to say good bye to all the neighbors' cats that have adopted me, though. Casey and Theo are quite a double act, and Ally the alleycat has gotten used to following me home from her end of the alley and getting some tasty cat food after I had put the bike in.

Bobo watching Ally having her snack in the alley.
I'm afraid Bobo finally passed away this summer. She was 92 yrs old... and the alley hadn't been the same without her. Everyone still remember her (dirty) jokes, though... we couldn't help it. She told the same ones every time we ran into her!

I'm delighted that the San Diego Opera survived something of a death and transfiguration this year, of course, and the new opera season opens next week with Puccini's La Boheme! If you had never tried opera before, there isn't a more newbie-friendly opera than this most romantic piece that inspired Rent!

I also made a lot of amazing people on bicycle in 2014, many of whom had become good friends who somehow keep riding with me even after they had caught on to my weird tendency to stray up local (rather steep) hills... A few friends even steered me to cool unfamiliar patches of town and up some really gory roads that, before I started biking in 2012, I would have given me a heart attack just looking at them! Here's a bit of my 2014 year on the bike.

And to make it even sweeter, I can now say that I have finally had a year without a high speed downhill crash... Yey! I'm afraid a few of my friends had spent some time on the tarmac this year, though. Luckily everyone has recovered okay without lasting damage. Whew!

Thanks very much for stopping by. Here's my idea of a year end firework display...

Wishing everyone a healthy and very happy 2015!!


berenice said...

Happy New Year mister Smorg! Wishing you always the best, a bright and lovely 2015. Those handsome kitties sure are going to miss you! I am thrilled that the SD Opera survived too! Hugs from North Park!

yvette said...

Thank you for this account which makes me think of the past, when I found your seagull by my site and got introduced to your neighbouring... so nice to read you! let's hope you will settle in a nice spot where you will find friendly cats and nice neighbours like you .. I would not mind having you around in Provence! Plenty of nice cycling paths around Le Luberon... best wishes dear Smorgy! I'll write back !

Anonymous said...

A happy and SAFE new year to you too Smorgy!

Rob said...

Happy Happy New Year, Smorgy!

M Smorg said...

Thanks very much, Yvette, Bere, Eyes & Rob! :oD