Sunday, August 4, 2019

Another day, another mass shooting in the USA

Consider this, Americans had worked up enough political will to repeal a constitution amendment once... so that they can legally drink alcohols again.

How many innocent people have died from gun violence compared to mob hits?

Shootings in malls, in theaters, in school, college, daycare, festivals, concerts, workplace, night clubs, restaurants, etc. But, no, no amount of innocent deaths everyday of the year is suffice for our politicians to summon the will to repeal the 2nd and pass meaningful gun control laws. It is way too easy for just about anyone to obtain and keep assault weapons here. They may think they are the good guys, but then when they get upset, there's the automatic weapon there for them to use to vent their anger on other people.

There is no safe place in the USA. Even the cops are living in constant fear of getting shot, that a whole lot of them seems to have gone to the shoot first policy. Hand on the gun all the time. In every other civilized country, cops are good at de-escalation. Here, it's escalation all the time, pulling the gun out like crazy at every little thing.

There has been 251 mass shootings since January 1st, 2019.  Today is only the year's 216th day. My goodness me, I might be safer living in Columbia than here.

We have a problem. A fixable problem. A fixable problem that other developed countries have fixed. Why the heck can't we?

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