Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still discovering Balboa Park

The sun showed up this morning and it's turning into a bright and sunny day! I'd think that I know Balboa Park very well by now, and I'd be wrong. Found a few more interesting plaques while roaming around today:

This is at the Spreckels Organ Pavillion. I didn't even realize that Ernestine Schumann-Heink, the great German contralto who originated the role of Klytämnestra in Richard Strauss' Elektra used to live in San Diego... Grossmont, where SDSU is, to be exact.

And this su
rprisingly (to ignorant me) politically enlightened proclamation was found in front of the House of Iran at the UN - International Cottages complex. How about that Cyrus the Great, ay!!

The International Cottages at the UN Complex in Balboa Park sure is a cool place to hang out at.
There's a squirrel that hangs near the Ukraine House that would almost feed from your hand... When nobody is watching, of course (after all, you aren't supposed to feed the animals).

1 comment:

Georg said...

Hallo Smorgy,

This declaration from Cyrus ist astounding. But it sounds a bit modern, I read the word "job".

It might be interesting to hear from you who set up this plate. The last Schah Reza??

Don't forget to answer, old pal. Jump on your cycle and speed back to Balboa to find out.