Sunday, July 5, 2009


My intracranial stereo is an odd one... It mixes music from different eras on its spontaneous play-list in a way that will likely bug many people. It is a maddening piece of imaginary gadget... Sometimes the same piece of music would get stuck in it for hours, long outlasting its attractiveness. And then there are some days that the IS is afflicted with a serious case of acute attention deficit disorder and keeps modulating from piece to piece. Usually, though, it is pretty responsive of the view I'm enjoying.
Last evening, Independence Day holiday here, I went up the Harbor Tower at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel where the Top of the Hyatt lounge is. A lot of people showed up there just before 9 PM, too, looking for a good vantage point to watch the fireworks over the bay. The line for the elevators was pretty hideous.

The nice and mostly tranquil view of the bay was worth hassling for, though... In coastal San Diego, the sun sets twice in succession every evening thanks to low lying 'marine layer', the thick layer of cloud that is likes to sit very low above the ground. Nothing very notable happens when the departing sun dips below the marine layer... but when it emerges and is caught between the thickest part of the fog and the ground (in this case, Pt. Loma peninsula), that's when you get to see some really spectacular color display.

The fireworks was pretty nice... Though the smaller blasts were sort of blocked by the Seaport Tower. O well, even the biggest fireworks were no competition for the setting sun and the rising moon anyhow.

Not that I wasn't compelled to use up my camera's batteries shooting photos of both... Then I figured I'd use the music that popped up in my head during the few hours I spent watching all those things in the clips... Just to spread the insanity around a bit (a little madness is supposed to be good for you... and your psychiatrist's purse).


Geisslein said...

Nice video-clip! I love the "dämmerung" but unfortunately I can not watch them often (in the summertime),because for me it´s to hard to get out of the bed that early ;o) Wish you a great start in the new week! sunny greetings, geisslein

berenice said...

oh mister Smorg, your photos and video, as well as your musical selections are ALL fantastic!
I wish you a good Monday in our warm San Diego

und viele Grüße für Frau Geisslein nach Amerika ;)

Smorg said...

Hallo Geisslein!
We have the opposite problem in San Diego, I think. It's easy to catch the twilight here, though not dawn (we have this low lying fog covering the area nearly every morning that don't go away until close to noon). :o)

Hope your week is going well, too! Aren't you due for a vacation the end of this week? Have fun! :o)

Hiya Berenice!
Thanks a bunch, amiga. :o) We do have such spectacular sunset here in San Diego it's hard to find a good music to describe it sometimes. I'm grateful to both Korngold and Wagner!

Hope your week is going well and hope you're liking summer, too.

Smorg :o)

Georg said...

Hallo Smorgy,

Korngold's music are wonderfully suited to your video. You did a good job there.

With two sunsets per day DS might be eligible for the Guiness Book of Records.