Friday, October 16, 2009

Buy Me If You Can...

Ads twirlers are downtown San Diego's resident street artists. I was walking down 6th Avenue at the eastern outskirt of the Gaslamp Quarter the other day when I ran into this dude at the corner of 6th and Market.

He was a good sport and tried a fancy move for the benefit of my little camera.


Geisslein said...

Wish you a wonderful start in the new week! Hope it will be a great week for you ;o) hugs from germany (it´s cold but sunny here today...), geisslein

Smorg said...

Hallo Geisslein!
I wish I can send our current weather to you. It's beautiful! :o) I've been out a lot and taking many photos. Have to process them before posting on the blog, though.

Hope all is going well in Frankfurt and that you're having a beautiful autumn week!

Liebe Gruess aus San Diego! :o)

Georg said...

Hallo Smorgy,

"Ad twirler": first time I hear about this activity. A new sport, kind of derivative from skate boarding or kite surfing I imagine. But why do you call him an artist?

Those blogger videos are smaller than YT. Is there any reason why you do them from time to time?

Cheers my friend
Georg (walking down your blog)

Smorg said...

Hiya Georgy,
Oh, these ads twirlers are pretty competitive these days and keep coming up with new ways to spin that sign they're advertising. It's gotten to the point where we pedestrians stop to watch their moves rather than to read what's on the sign (which is probably not quite what the ads buyers had in mind... but, oh well). :o)

This dude I caught on film was particularly acrobatic. He got so animated a bit later and nearly landed his sign on a car after trying to make it imitate a helicoptor rotor! ;oP

Oh, I really should have uploaded this one at Youtube indeed. But Youtube was doing more of its periodical site maintenance thingy then (they keep adding new twists on that site... I think I don't like the way my profile page is showing there much now. It's a lot harder to find the play list on anyone's page with this new format!). I wish Blogger would allow bigger view with the video uploaded here.