Thursday, November 26, 2009

L'Amour est une dinde rebelle....


Ok... so these aren't exactly turkeys, but two cute pet chickens roaming an art house up in Julian, California. I'm not discriminating much between species of fowls, though. It is hazardous for winged creatures to pass too nearly by my pad this time of year.

On another note... would eating too much turkey turn you turkish?


berenice said...

ha ha mister Smorg, guess i am becoming turkish 'cause surely i've eaten some

this Julian chickens look pretty cute, it's hard for me to see animals live and then eat them... so i make a point of only buying the at the grocery store, heh heh

hope you had fun in Julian, and plenty of apple pie & spiced apple cider hot (ahhh this is my favorite even more than the pie) and that you had a lovely Thanksgiving...

btw, if you see those pumpkin pies that they bake at Von's, do buy one and share with your roommies, Von's pumpkin pies are the best! almost as home-made

oh no i am hungry again
have a good week and enjoy our cooler (finally) weather

Drew80 said...

Smorg, I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, no matter what kind of fowl was served!

Smorg said...

Hola bella Bere!
I had so much turkey last week I bet I won't even need a visa to get into Asia Minor these days! :o) Those two chicken were so cute. They had one look at me and just kept on pecking at each other under that little tree they were hiding under. I think their owner lets them run around freely on the art ranch!

Pssst... I did have a good time up the mountain indeed. Don't tell our moms, but my flatmate and I have been having apple turnover & ice cream for breakfast... It goes really well with a steaming cup of black coffee! ;o)

Thanks a bunch for stopping by. Hope your December has started superbly, too!

Hiya Drew!
Heh heh, we had a good go at covering all the fowls over the week indeed. I overstuffed myself on turkey on Thursday, and then we had chicken the day after... Then during the grocery run to the Ranch99 Market across town I ran into this curious box of Chinese duck legs that was on sale. Had no idea how to eat the thing so I just nuked it and had it with rice. It went pretty well with the Thai sweet chili sauce! ;o)

Thanks a bunch for stopping by and hope December is being good your way! :o)

berenice said...

hola mister Smorg
so nice that you got to eat so much turkey, i didn't eat much this year, sniff sniff... and hey! check on Fridays at Von's for "Family Fridays" they usually put on special a dish for only 5 bucks, one of those is Turkey Pot Roast, delicious stuff

and yes!! your breakfast sounds yummy!! you & your flatmate are really spoiled, ice cream for breakfast? am jealous!

and mister Smorg, i am sure i've met you at least once, i go to 99Ranch all the time! since i work close, Clairemont Blvd. and the 15 and also the Kaiser close to 99 Ranch is my clinic, we frequent the same places, so when we finally meet in person, i am almost sure i'll recognize you ;)

Smorg said...

Hola Bere! Thanks a bunch for the tip! I really should have been more temperate with my turkey-feasting, I think. I'm feeling a strange urge to roost and gobble these days. Speciation in progress? ;o)

Haha, I bet you're right about us having passed each other at the mutual hang outs without knowing it. I should recognize you, but I do have this bad habit of being rather tunnel-visioned when I'm thinking about something (which is much of the time). Then Superman can hop in and fly off with the siren-blaring fire-engine right in front of me without being noticed by yours truly. :oP It's pretty bad.... especially since I'm not smart enough to qualify as an absent-minded professor!

Anyhow! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you and your feline friends aren't having too much trouble staying warm in this weather. Old Man Winter isn't leaving us out of his hit list this year after all! :o)