Friday, November 13, 2009

Shopping at Vons'

The weather had turned cloudy and cool this week, which means I'm allowed to go out and walk around a bit. Finally got around to Vons supermarket a few blocks away on 30th Street.Here in America we tend to shop at a chain supermarket where you can get everything in one stop rather than going to specialty shops for bread and meat and other stuff. In San Diego area we have the Vons, Albertson's, and Ralph's chain (back in Missouri it was either Dierberg's or Schnuck's).
Being a lazy bum that I am, I'm not all that thrilled with the way they tend to scatter stuff in such a way that you have to walk the entire place to get a simple food shopping trip done.

Here we have the bakery on the north side, next to fresh produce section...
I must say, though, Vons' produce section is quite more varied and more fresh than what I usually find at Ralph's or Alberson's.

A lot of canned food and household items in the isles... Along with the Pharmacy. Water and soft drinks are somewhere close to the south wall... next to the dairy section.

with the Deli counter rounding up the store's south side. They make pretty good sandwiches here. Too bad you can't pay for your sandwich here and go, though. They give you a tag and you have to line up and pay at the check out lanes like the rest of the shoppers.

Vons' price is pretty good compared to other groceries. If you become a member, then you get extra discount, too.


berenice said...

ah mister Smorg, i am indeed a Von's shopper too! when i was living in Hillcrest i had to settle for Ralph's that has good quality but it' so darn expensive!! even with Ralph's card and when i moved to Normal Heights, well there's a Von's right down Adams Ave. and YES! is the cheapest of supermarkets when you have your Von's card :)

so i buy most of my groceries at Von's too, i've been to the one on 30th Street many times, it's a bigger store than the one i have at Adams, but strangely in the one at Adams you can ring the deli sandwiches right there, also has an infamous little Starbucks inside the store, opens 6am every morning

& well, i do miss from Hillcrest my beloved Trader Joe's, i still go there to refill on many items but i only go there monthly or bi-monthly when i re-fill on many non perishables, Trader Joe's has even better prices than Von's but it's never the size of Von's and they miss many many products, and they are very short in fruits and veggies, they are great to stuck up on pasta, jams, and 'healthy' frozen foods, also Henry's is another place i visit, but my everyday store (almost literally) it's Von's :D

have a lovely cool cloudy weekend mister Smorg, i LOVE this weather since we very seldom have it in San Diego, feels like a different city, huh?


berenice said...

oh & forgot to mention! have you notice that if you pay with your Von's card, after buying 8 deli sandwiches, you get one FREE, yum! and i just got a Roasted Turkey Breast that was only 5 bucks with the Family Fridays deal, every Friday they reduce prices to 5 bucks on either Roasted chickens, Turkey breasts, or Meat Loafs, they also make a Turkey Roast pot that is delicious :D

Smorg said...

Hola bella Bere,
Hey, I didn't notice that buy 8 get 1 free deli card, matie. Thanks! The deli server there will have a hard time getting rid of me now! :o)

I'm surprised at how cheap you can get many things at Vons indeed. The korean instant noodle there is actually a few cents cheaper than at Ranch99 Market! :oO

Hope your weekend has started well, my neighbor to the southwest. :o) I'm afraid it's rather sunny out, but I see some clouds out west that'd really make for another good sunset this evening! There is no place quite like San Diego, ay?

Smorgy :o)