Saturday, December 4, 2010

Around town

It's the first week of December. I've had my first flu of the season, though that's not news comparing to many other things going on around town.

The San Diego Symphony celebrated its 100th birthday at the US Grant Hotel in Downtown on Friday with a big gala and a YoYo Ma concert. Balboa Park is all decked up for this year's December Night celebration while further to the northwest a group of Jews unsuccessfully tried to get La Jolla village to drop 'Christmas' from the name of its year end celebration (See? The world is not divided into Christians and Atheists. There are many other religions and its practitioners cohabiting the same country... and even the same town!).
Looking west on El Prado in Balboa Park
And up north in Escondido area they are prepping a house for demolition.... because the owner had this wonderful idea of making bombs and caching explosives all over the place. One of those got stepped on by a gardener (who, luckily, survived but is still recovering in a hospital). What can I say? San Diego is an eventful place!


berenice said...

hola mister Smorg

how niiiice to read you again, sorry about the flu :( no wonder you haven't been writing much, i really hope you are fully recovered now... and YES so many things going on in this little town huh? my mom will be here soon so i am looking forward to enjoy San Diego and the "Christmas" (yes i dare to call the Holidays, Christmas, ha ha) decorations and celebrations at Balboa Park and around town

and YES!! what a creepy story that on on the house full of explosives, huh? and they found a second house with explosives too, did you hear about that one? not as overwhelming as the San Marcos one but still... Sandiegans looks so peaceful, well at least Midcity people and south bay, but hey the North County is getting, well, tough? no! explosive!

glad to see you around here mister Smorg!

salutes from coldish Ab-Normal Heights

Smorg said...

Bella Bere!
Christmas is cool with me, too. I don't regard it as a religious holiday anyhow. I think the folks protesting about the name of it ought to choose their battle better. :oP I mean, after all shall we take the 'San' and 'Santa' away from all the name of the US cities named after a catholic saint, ay?

I hadn't heard about the San Marcos bomb house, actually. Thanks! What's up with the north county folks and explosives anyhow. A new hobby-trend in town? :o) The only bomb I had ever handled were gopher bombs because a gang of those furry burrowers were destroying the practice greens at the golf college I went to in the early 90's (I did greenkeeping in exchange for tuition discount). And I hated that thing.... They didn't work that well anyway. We ended up burying a ring of glass bottles around the green... Low tech and worked like a charm! :oD

Good to hear your mom is coming to town, too! Hope you and the family are in good health and having a good December. I don't know when I'll get uptown again. Will be sure to let you know in case we could rendezvous! ;o)

Salute to you and your feline escorts all the way from Chula Vista,
Smorgy :o)