Monday, December 20, 2010

December 2010

A weekend that was. Did some household chores,

walked a few pounds off the dog, 

and finding good chuckling instigators on Youtube...

Loud in its own way, ay?


Georg said...

Great story, Smorgy, of those friars living in Molalla, France.

How did you manage to find that one??
Do you imagine, if these worthy monks would have performed Händel in that way during his life time, they might have met with real big trouble and no laughter at all.

Good shot of those plastic bags of yours. Modern sculpture with no "best before" date.


Smorg said...

Hallo Georgy,

I really don't remember what I was looking for on Youtube when I spotted that silent Hallelujah clip on the 'related videos' panel on the right side of the page. It was a good find indeed. :oD Those guys are pretty adept at it!

Ha! I don't know if there is no 'best before' date on those bags of weed, though. It has been raining here a lot since. I have a sneaky feeling that a lot of it would be growing back soon. :oP If only flowering plants are as resilient as unwanted weeds are, ay?

Hope you aren't too badly affected by that heavy storm raging about Europe. Thanks very much for stopping by and wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas!

Smorgy :oD