Monday, August 6, 2012

Für Georgy - mit Liebe aus Torrey Pines

Eine schöne Woche für Dich wünsche ich!


Georg said...

Thank you Smorgy! I commented already directly on YouTube but this is your blog.

The ocean looks so friendly, peaceful and blue, like the Mediterranean.

Maybe one day we'll have a meeting at the glider port.

Cheers, my friend

berenice said...

Besuchen Sie uns in San Diego, Herr Georg, you'll like it here!

your video is beautiful Herr Smorg!

Smorg said...

Hallo Georgy and Bere!
Thanks! I wish I had gone up there again today. It's too hot to do much here inland. I went out riding the Adams Ave 100 (we were planning on riding up and down the 2.5 miles road 20 times) with a few friends, but we started a bit too late. By 1PM everybody was melting on their bikes! :oP I bugged out for the shower and the shade after 13 laps, but a few guys were still going strong. Guess I'll hear about it later. Haha. :oD

Bere is like, Georgy, you'll like it here. The fish tacos almost as much as the paragliding!