Friday, August 31, 2012

Where in San Diego is Smorg?

Where is Smorg?
Hint: I'm on a newly opened bridge (2012. No graffiti on the thing yet) within the San Diego city limit.


berenice said...

I know where this is! But I won't tell to not ruin others posts and also 'cause I watched on TV, haven't visited, so TV visits don't count :)

Anonymous said...

Pedestrian bridge Mission Bay?
Eyes can see you!

Smorg said...

Hola bella Bere: I hope you'll have a good visit to the place indeed. The path is so fresh and smooth and the view quite good, too! ;o)

Hiya Eyes: You certainly do see (and observe) very well! :oD This is the Mike Gotch Memorial Bridge over Rose Creek on the north side of Mission Bay. Before, you'd have to detour onto the always busy Garnet Ave to cross the creek. That really was the least fun part about riding around that bay. :o)

Now if the city could repave and perhaps widen the Rose Creek Bike Path a few meters east from the bridge as it snakes around the golf course (it's hideously bumpy there, and so narrow two bikes can hardly pass each other)...

Hope you both are having a good summer! I'm packing to move again this week. Hopefully the last time in a long while. :oD

yvette said...

Rose Creek... nice name, are there dogroses around the fields? Good 'moving' then !So long!

Anonymous said...

I wondered if that was Mt Soledad in the background. It looks so small!


Smorg said...

Bonjour Yvette: Nah, I'm afraid no real field around this particular creek, though in the spring the wild flowers are quite nice! :o) I think it was named that after Rose Canyon, which isn't lined by roses either, though the exposed sandstone cliffs do sort of look rosy in the sun.

I'm moving this afternoon indeed. Thanks! Only going one block away from the current place, so it'll be a relatively painless move for once. Will catch up with you via email soon! Hope you're having a good start to September!

Hey Soren: It does, doesn't it? Sort of depressing... It's my favorite hill-repeat site now, but it looks like nothing compared to the Alps or the Dolomites... and it's still too hot to try to ride east to the real mountains. :o) Thanks for stopping by! Hope your summer is going well!