Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Something to look forward to: Christiane Karg - Amoretti

Christiane Karg, the wonderful young German soprano, has a new CD out:

Mozart, Gluck & Gretry... How cool is that! Not only do I get to hear her sing some more, but I also get to hear rarely heard music from the period I really dig, too! A nice continuation from my first experience of her in the Salzburg Festival DVD of Mozart's Apollo et Hyacinthus.

That's another awesome bit of music that's not performed anywhere nearly as often enough at all... 

And to add icing on the cake, she actually granted me a cyber interview a few years ago.


Rob said...

I absolutely love this Apollo duet. It's great to hear she is releasing more recordings. And now, I have to go read your interview with her. Thanks for sharing notice of the new CD.

Anonymous said...

Loving the voice and orchestra in the first clip but who on earth is that conductor and who let him loose?

My comments keep being delayed because I have to wait to be on the desktop computer. It seems Blogger does not like iOS and iPods!

Smorg said...

My pleasure, Rob! :o) I wish she would come sing in the USA sometimes. I'm looking forward to this CD, in the meanwhile, tho.

Hi Eyes! I think that's Jonathan Cohen. Never heard of him before myself. :o) He's got some sort of delicate motion going on with this hands, ay?

Sorry Blogger is being difficult on the iOS and iPOds. :o( Hopefully it's a transient thing. This platform is sometimes frustrating. One of these days I've got to try wordpress!

Thanks very much Rob & Eyes for stopping by. Hope your weekend has started well!

Georg said...

Christiane Karg has not only a splendid voice, she is a real beauty and being intelligent, this is the perfect woman.

She should be stuffed - while still in her prime - to be exposed in the "Musée de l'Homme", so that everybody and even future generations could admire such a perfect specimen of a human being.

So be it.