Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 isn't 'next year' anymore!

Hey, the year changed on us! Do you still catch yourself writing down 2012 when you have to write down a date on a sheet of paper or when you type one onto a form?

2012 sure was an eventful year. Yours truly moved to yet another apartment with another roommate (a real keeper, if you ask me), got a bicycle and ditched the cane - which means I'm speedier if not all that much more stable, I suppose.

I'm afraid I didn't go to enough concerts and performance arts events last year. Not because there wasn't any good show, mind you! Hopefully I'll manage to show up at the various concert halls and theaters more this year. The San Diego Opera is putting on five very different shows this season starting with Donizetti's operatic romantic comedy that is La fille du regiment (Daughter of the Regiment) on January 26th. It features L'Ubica Vargicova and Stephen Costello as Marie and Tonio. Even more irresistible for mezzophiliac me are the two supporting ladies in the cast: Ewa Podles as the Marguise and Carol Vaness as the Duchess.

It's winter here in America's Finest City, however, which means that the days are cold (or even cold) enough for long cycling rides in the eastern mountains. So when it isn't raining and the job isn't demanding too many daylight hours I am to be found huffing and puffing up the gorgeous roads east of town, preferably going up Mt Palomar by South Grade Road (S-6) and coming down East Grade (S-7) for a nice view of Lake Henshaw, or along the many mountain highways between the Poway and Julian... or in the mountains south of Alpine. 


A lot of climbing... But that's how it goes, my friends. No pain, no view! The last time I went riding around the Great Western Loop (the big mountainous loop formed by Dehesa Rd, Japatul Rd, Lyons Valley Rd and Jamul Dr) I put the camera's video feature to good use and made the above video. Bonus points if you can identify the soundtracks!

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by. Hope 2013 has started well your way and keeps getting even better!


stray said...

Hell I still write years from the previous century. Happy trails in 2013!

Anonymous said...

The days are cold? What! It tells me on my weather app that you are enjoying between 12 and 20 degrees although it does look chilly overnight. Compare that to your East coast at 7 - 11 degrees, myself at about 10 (very mild indeed for January ) and central Germany at 3 - 7 !!! Still, after all the hot weather you have had it must be very welcome and much easier for your treks. Take care on that bike!

earwormopera said...

I'm glad you're getting good weather for biking! You folks in California get such lovely scenery to ride around in.

Smorg said...

Hiya Stray, Georgy? & Earworm:
Haha, the weather has been nice here indeed! I'm afraid we're rather spoiled in term of what we classify as 'cold' in these parts. :o) It indeed was so mild today I was hot when I went riding to the library this afternoon with my light sweater on. :oP If the weather holds I'll go off on another mountain ride tomorrow before the storm blows in on Thursday. Hope you guys are having a good January!