Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snapshots from the Road: Lake Henshaw & Montezuma Valley Rd (S22)

Lake Henshaw from Hwy 76
My impulse got the better of me. Got up at 3:30am yesterday to a head cold, but had already announced my intention to go on a cycling trip to Borrego Springs to a few friends, so staying in bed was out of the question. It was 7am when I got off the bus at Harrah's Casino in Rincon and started shivering my way east over the mountain. Made it down to Borrego at noon and hurried right back up since I hadn't done this ride before and didn't know how long it was going to take to get back to Valley Center (the bus ride from there back home would take 3 hrs... and it already took me 5 hrs on the outward leg!).
Montezuma Valley Rd (the 'Glass Elevator') descending into Borrego Springs
Went as hard as I could up Montezuma Grade, which was a rather bad move since the last 1 1/2 miles of that thing was the steepest pitch at 8%, and dead into 15 mph headwind. Luckily all but 1 1/2 miles of the rest of the way back was downhill and I made it back to Valley Center a bit past 4pm. Now my legs and back are dead... but I've got lots of great photos and memories for it. Will have to write this up properly in a few days.


yvette said...

Have a well rawarded rest ! so here's a bit of reading in French ! I know you love French.... Love your kestrel it started my day today!
Big hugs !

Anonymous said...

Can't decide if you are completely mad or incredibly brave and dedicated ... probably both! Well done you :)

Unknown said...
I saw the link did not follow my previous post, badly printed too, rewarding ... that is your French reading, if it works this time!

Georg said...

Hi Smorgy,

outside it is snowing and melting so no cycling for me. But fortunately I have an elliptical cycle hometrainer. Now, by chance, I found a YouTube channel "Bike trainer video - indoor cycling training".

I download the stuff on my iPad and pedal my ass off while looking at the video. It really helps.

You seem to have a camera to make such a video so my question: what about making one of your area? I would appreciate and download it. Street noise would be good but if you can think of some convenient classical music, good idea, too.


Georg said...

Hello Smorgy,

This is the YouTube link


Smorg said...

Hallo Georgy!

Sorry I'm so late in writing these days. Aside from the house internet WiFi still not fixed, my laptop's hard drive broke a couple of days ago and I only got the computer back... blank with nothing on it, so now I'm spending the day re-downloading the various programs I used to have. Naturally, am way behind on emails and other things. :o(

Oh, with the hard drive went all my photos and video files, of course. Will have to re-ride those mountain roads and re-shoot the videos. Will take a while. Would love to make a good big sky cycling video for you, though. :oD

I love riding around the Valle de San Jose (the grassy plain between Mt Palomar and the Anza Borrego Desert). Just came back from another crazy mountain ride Wednesday. The last mountain I went up, Mt Woodson, was so nasty that I'm still walking funny for it. :oP Hopefully will recover in time to take a pal of mine riding up Palomar again in a few days.

Hope all is going well with you! No blog post of late. Are you cooking up an epic new post? :oD