Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's so hot out I'm feeling like being stormed by a trio of beautiful(ly talented) virtuoso violinists!

A hot day sucks, but not so much when you turn the heat way up with a pack of musically gleeful women like... these:

Akiko Suwanai, Viviane Hagner and Yuki Manuela Janke putting lavishing feminine touch to Hubert Leonard's Spanish Serenade. That's three Stradivari in such close proximity on the same stage that it's a wonder their bows didn't catch fire!


knotty said...

I love your passion for classical music, Smorgy!

Dr Dog said...

Yowser ! Whenever I see a performance such as this I wonder what on Earth is going on in terms of neuronal activity - would love to see a PET scan or whatever they use these days whilst they are playing. Stay cool.

Smorg said...

Hey Knotty. Thanks! :oD Hope your new place is coming along, too!

Hi Dr Dog. Ha, the PET scan would probably light up like firework display, I'd imagine. So much wattage there, talent-wise. ;o)

Anonymous said...

"Musically gleeful" - perfect!