Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ducky Dvorak for a Hot Summer Day


Antonin Dvorak's Moravian Duets: Slavikovsky polecko maly & V dobrym sme se sesli. Edita Gruberova (soprano), Vesselina Kasarova (mezzo), Friedrich Haider (piano). From the two divas' joint concert in Feldkirch in 1999.


Anonymous said...

One way to keep cool!
My weather app tells me you have the high twenties for the next week - I wonder if I would get bored with the same sort of weather each day? We are just going into autumn with mists and mellow fruitfulness :)

Smorg said...

Hi Eyes! I'm jealous. We're into our 2nd week of a muggy heatwave that I can't wait to get out of. :oP Weather used to be very boring here, but the last few years have been more interesting than it used to be. :o) I'm not holding my breath for real leaves change come autumn, though. Gotta head to the Midwest or the Northeast for that show!

Hope you are having a nice weekend at the lovely cottage by the creek! :oD