Friday, January 24, 2014

Wildlife From Bike Trips Around San Diego County

A wild peacock near Dehesa Rd.
A boat-tailed grackle at Lake Murray. A handsome fellow, isn't he?
I was rolling thru Liberty Station one afternoon when I noticed a bunch of European starlings perching on a tree, chirping something silly.
These white-tailed deers on Mesa Grande Reservation weren't chirping, though.
Of the many sheep grazing along Dehesa Rd, this ram was the most magnificent.
You never know what you'll see along rural San Diego roads. These camels were at Oasis Camel Dairy in Ramona.
I tell you, kestrels are the cutest of birds!
I really can't get enough of them!
A Western horned meadowlark hiding in the dry grass by SD Velodrome.
This cute bunny rabbit hopped over to the fence to say hi to me as I rolled though Spring Valley.
One of the kamikaze barn swallows that buzzed me near J St Pier in Chula Vista.
A pair of cormorants was too busy grooming to look at the camera...
This Grace's warbler wasn't grooming, though. He was just being pensive.
A western tanager lass hopping along a side street in Alpine.
We sure do have many yellow birds around here. This is an American goldfinch.
I'll confess to liking the blue birds better, tho. This cute western bluebird male seemed quite fascinate by my camera!
His girlfriend, the female western bluebird here was too busy feeding to notice any camera at all, tho.
But the gray hawk that occasionally visits my alley notices everything!
And so does this cool dog!
This cat also noticed me, but was too much of a cat to show much interest...
Blackjack, Lyons Valley's cutest donkey, wanted to know if I had any celery hidden away in my jersey pocket.
At least that's what this chatty little acorn woodpecker told him...
Spooky the squirrel says otherwise. He was convinced that the thing I had hidden in my pockets were actually acorns!
Alas, I only had a camera in the pocket, and when I pulled it out this roadrunner did a runner on me...
Btw, if you've ever cycled up to the spine of Pt Loma (Catalina Blvd) you might have noticed the quacking palm trees. I managed to catch one of their vocal chords one morning. It wasn't easy... these guys really blend in very well!
This beautiful wild turkey was a part of a group roaming around the eastern slope of Starvation Mountain a few months ago.
A steller's jay in Pine Valley.
For a while I thought he was a peregrine falcon, but I think he's really a young red-shouldered hawk. From below he doesn't seem to have the mask.
The three acorn-woodpeckers on Cuyamaca Mtn.
Can you believe that these...
...grow up to be these? American coots!


Anonymous said...

I love that bluebird too ... and the donkey!

Georg Hausherr said...

Great photos, Smorgy. I enjoyed all of them as well as your comments.

Is this the same camera you use for the cycling videos?

Big long mail is in preparation.


Smorg said...

Hi Eyes: I'm plotting to ride up to see the donkey again in a few weeks. :oD He's one friendly bloke! The bluebirds are a bit more suspicious of camera-wielding cyclists, tho, and tend to keep their distance... which only makes me lust for them more! ;o)

Hallo Georgy: It's all done with the same camera indeed! I'm using Canon Powershot SE160. It's a point-and-shoot type, but with pretty good zooming power (x16 mechanically, x32 with digital zoom, though the latter doesn't focus well).

Got your email indeed. Thanks a bunch! Sorry I haven't got the chance to answer yet. Am really swamped with work until around Feb 14th or so, then I'll get to breathe a bit (and hopefully the weather will be great for mountain cycling then!). :oD Thanks very much for stopping by!