Monday, February 3, 2014

Music for after-winter-rain San Diego: Kasarova & Stoyanova sing Pique Dame duet.

We are FINALLY getting some winter-like weather here in seasonally tardy San Diego. It rained a bit last night. Not nearly enough, but every bit of moisture that reached the ground is very welcomed at this point of our prolonged drought.

Anyhow, it is cool and cloudy and utterly beautiful outside, though I'm still stuck indoor for a few more hours (work has a way of doing that to you)... and basically can't think of a more fitting music for the moment than the charmingly melancholic duet between Lisa and Polina from Tchaikovsky's The Queen of Spade. This one courtesy of the amazing Bulgarian dual of Krassimira Stoyanova (Lisa) and Vesselina Kasarova (Polina) from a live concert a year or so ago. It's a pirate recording, so the sound quality is iffy, but what does come through is earworm-worthy in my book!


Anonymous said...

I would give my eye teeth for "cool, cloudy and utterly beautiful"!
Rain and gales have blighted us for weeks now although my area is at least nor flooded. Your earworm is very welcome :)

Smorg said...

Hi Eyes! Eeek! I hope this earworm warms you up a bit in that miserable a weather indeed. I'm liking all the clouds we are getting, though we need more of them to drop to the ground (but hopefully not this coming weekend. Gotta go ride a bike!). :o) If only we could trade weather for a couple of days at a time!

berenice said...

enjoy the rain mister Smorg!! I will find some of your lovely musical selections to do so myself, finally!! We got blessed water falling from the skies! Be careful out there, rest the bike today ;)

Smorg said...

Bella Bere!
The rain was much welcomed indeed! :oD I think we need a bit more of that before the dry season arrives again. This winter has been too warm and dry so far.

I'm afraid being off the bike for four days had a pudging up effect on me. I think I'm due for a good long ride soon. ;o)

Thanks very much for stopping by. Hope you and los gatos are well and having a good start to March!