Sunday, November 22, 2015

Je voudrais des frites francaise, s'il vous plait...

Sometimes I wish I'm French...

France had the moral backbone to say no when we (the USA) tried to bully her into joining us to invade Iraq for the WMD that Iraq didn't have (tho, to be honest, it wasn't really about the WMD, was it? It was W's misguided notion of revenge... and still aimed at the wrong party). We know, of course, how that invasion ended and what ill was released from that SNAFU's pandora's box. And even after France got hit by ISIS last week, she still resolves to not blame the easy-to-pick-on innocents for the action of others, but to keep doing the right thing and accepting refugees from war-torn Syria. And even those French who lost loved ones during that attack responded like this:

“I won’t give you the gift of hating you” – Antoine Leiris’ powerful tribute to his wife, who died in the Bataclan during the #ParisAttacks
Posted by BBC News on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It takes strong moral fiber to stay true to one's values even when the going gets rough.

In the meanwhile, here in America, irrational xenophobia is the prevailing rage to which I say, give me French fries over 'freedom fries' any day. Vive liberté, fraternité, et egalité. 

I'm afraid hinged people tend to be less loud than unhinged ones... though please know that many Americans stand with you and don't share the view of those selfish bigots... And we will vote at the next election!


yvette said...

Dear Smorgy,
I have come to your post several times and could not write a line because the blow is still too hard and painful. But somehow you are right and somehow some of us in France heavily voted Far Right. But on the whole we want to resist hatred.
Here are my best wishes for the next period to come, all my warm feelings for you and your friends and all the people you help along.
Thank you for keeping VK schedule for us too ! (as it is she will not have a recital in paris sofar when she comes for Rigoletto, so sad !)

M Smorg said...

Chere Yvette,
Thank you very much! Sending you, your family and friends the best of wishes for the holiday season and beyond as well. :o)

Sorry I'm so far behind these days. I've been out of town since late November and broke my computer in the first week. Have bought a new laptop, but haven't had much time to be online. Coming back home in a bit over a week, though (and not a moment too soon!). Hope to get back properly in touch with you and a few good friends then!

Smorgy :o)