Friday, November 13, 2015


A week ago, after five hours on the bike I found myself near the top of Mt Rubidoux in Riverside, CA, contemplating the view from the World Peace Bridge. The barren granite hill by the river was purchased in 1906 by Frank A Miller and Henry Huntington, who developed it into a place to celebrate nature, peace and humanity.

Those who spend their lives building and nurturing community and peace are the ones we will remember, not those who intentionally set out to destroy innocent lives to satisfy their own political agenda.

Viva la France.


yvette said...

What a comforting post! your words with sight of this arch are so good tonight.
Thanks a lot dear Smorgy.

M Smorg said...

Chere Yvette. I hope you and yours and the rest of France are recovering okay. You guys are showing much more moral backbone than a whole lot of my countrymen are, I'm afraid... It's shameful all the xenophobia that is going on here. Somehow we've become a country of scared little boys and girls with gun fetish and a delusional idea of our own superiority despite of all evidence to the contrary. It's depressing being American these days. :o(