Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Catting around the neighborhood

I live in a cat-friendly neighborhood. You can literally walk past 5 cats in a city block. I like all of them, but there are a few I meow with on a regular basis:

Yup, I like dogs, too, though cats and I get along like bee and flower. I bug them, and they tolerate me basically because I make a good free massaging machine....


berenice said...

oh mister Smorg, what a lovely movie!! your friends cats are great, and yeah we live in a cat city! right now i am actually going through a lot of pain 'cause 2 black homeless cats are by my alley, but they are in very bad shape, specially one, i have called pretty much every single shelter in San Diego, and except for Animal Services in any shelter they take strays directly, not even at the Humane Society... so sadly and because they are sick, i am going to have to take them to Animal Services... one i don't think will make it out of there, but the other one i am hoping to find him a home... remember how back in November 2009 i was able to find a home for a silver tabby? i wish i could do the same for at least the less sick kitty... but it's getting tough and he's getting sicker, i feed them, but food is not the only thing they need, they need a vet & a home, and i already have Les Chats you know :) that were homeless once... i will forward you an e-mail i sent to my friend with more details, maybe!! only maybe if i spread the voice, i can find a charitable soul that would love to get a lovely black cat

loved your video and comments heh heh

Anna said...
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Anna said...

G'Day Smorgy!

By golly, you have quite a number of cats in your neighbourhood.

Last week I met a Newfoundland dog outside my local supermarket who decided that I would be a good drool-wiping machine.

That's some beautiful music/singing in the video too!

My colleague came back from holiday last week and brought me a mug, saying that he couldn't find a bucket large enough for my coffee.



Smorg said...

Hola Bere:
Sorry I still haven't found a new parent for the homeless kitties, matie. :o( I'm glad it isn't raining this weekend, though. Must be miserable being out in the alley when the weather gets bad! Thanks a bunch for looking in on them once in a while. You're really making the world better, I think. :oD

Hiya Anna:
Ha! Wiping a Newfoundlander's drool has got to be better than wiping a smorg drool, matie. ;o) And you get the benefit of petting the furry cuddly thing afterward!

I'm glad you like the music! It's from the joint concert Gruberova and Kasarova gave in 1999. They really should do another joint concert before Gruberova retires. The voices match up so well it's mesmerizing (and Haider is a wonderful accompanist). :o)

Also good to see your colleague is helping you stay awake, too! I'm sort of jealous. I can't handle too much caffeine these days (my hands start shaking). I even water down my diet Coke!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by! HOpe you gals are having a good start to the weekend!! :oD