Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why I Sometimes Wish I Live In Europe: Kasarova's 2010 Vienna Concert

Bulgarian mezzo-soprano Vesselina Kasarova singing with Giovanni Antonini & the Kammerorchester Basel on 19 February 2010 at the Musikverein in Vienna, Austria.


André said...

Thanks for the playlist, Smorgy! This must have been a great night for the audience. Vesselina Kasarova is for me still the best Rossini singer. How I would have loved to be there. As for wishing to live in Europe, climate in California is definitely better than in let's say Vienna. ;-)

Smorg said...

Hallo Andre,
My pleasure! :oD I was really thrilled to find those Youtube clips (and that she sounds wonderful, too, after a subpar run in Paris).

You have a point about the weather indeed. It has stopped raining and is now quite nice out. :o) Hopefully spring will arrive to central Europe soon and bring you good outdoorsy weather! :oD