Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bravé! Frauen Österreichische Kammersängerinnen

Two days after the wonderful French soprano Natalie Dessay was named an Österreichische Kammersängerin (it is sort of like being knighted in Austria) your smorginess is happy to report that my most obsessive operatic addiction, the huskily mesmerizing Bulgarian mezzo-soprano Vesselina Kasarova, along with German soprano Ricarda Merbeth was also bestowed the title earlier today by Culture Minister Claudia Schmied at the Vienna State Opera's Tea Salon.

Fotos: Natalie Dessay (Simon Fowler), Ricarda Merbeth (, Vesselina Kasarova (Teatro Sao Carlos)

I confess I'm not familiar with Merbeth, though the other two ladies need no introduction. Dessay and Kasarova are two of the most artistically adventurous artists of their generations who dare to perform their own conviction even in the face of criticism (some deserved and some totally not).

But then that's what an artist has to do in order to be able to look back at their career one day in their old age and really say that they had used their talents and opportunities to try to do something special and worthy of remembrance rather than just going along having an inoffensive money-making career, I think. Being ardently hated by some is often a price of greatness... And as uncomfortable as that may seem, hopefully it is well off-set by the adoration they truly earned from those who value their unique contribution.
Herzliche Glückwünsche Frauen Österreichische Kammersängerinnen Dessay, Merbeth, und Kasarova!


André said...

I join you, Smorgy. Glückwunsch! Vesselina Kasarova really deserves this title.

Smorg said...

Thanks, André! :oD I'm really happy that she got this title... No matter what that Neue Merker reviewer says. :oP She should have gotten it a long time ago considering how much success she had in Wien from early in her career... But late is better than never indeed. ;o)

Georg said...

Still, this is a bit funny. The Austrians are a bit smiled upon regarding these titles. Nowadays, it is only there that you are called "Guten Tag, Herr Baron, Frau Gräfin, Herr Hauptkommissar" etc.

They have kept this from the time of the Austrian Empire. Let's hope it will not disappear too soon, so we others have something to smile upon, a bit nostalgic.