Monday, April 5, 2010

A note of excuse...

Just dropping in a little note to beg your pardon for my increasing state of slow-sluggedness when it comes to posting, emailing, and commenting online. The modem died an peaceful sleep late last week and my landlord had decided to improvise with a friend's spare modem... which doesn't seem to be interfacing very well with the signal provider. It comes and goes on a whim and is driving me batty trying to stay online for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. Though... for the moment yours Smorgily is by necessity more of an internet sloth than usual. :o(

If you hadn't caught them, though, I did release 2 new interviews in the past week at
AssociatedContent with Christy Erb (ex-LPGA Tour player who now writes books and articles) and Arturo Chacon Cruz (a really good young operatic tenor whose brain is as fetching as his voice is).

And yes, I did feel the earthquakes yesterday (and this morning). Was out at Cactus Garden in Balboa Park trying to catch a few birds on film when the ground started rolling (I think this one is a black-chinned hummingbird). Hope the folks down in Mexico are ok!


Anna said...

G'Day Smorgy!

Sorry to hear about your internet problems. I share your pain. I think my connection just went down again. Aarrgghh!!! Thankfully I just managed to upload and send off 2 job applications (haven't been able to do much else I'm afraid - i.e. reply to emails). At home today. Caught the flu (very mild so far) this week and have been staying indoors so it doesn't develop into a bad case.

At least your internet connection should be OK soon I hope. Mine is permanently on the blink. Can't even watch one of your videos :(

Best regards and wishes from cloudy Melbourne

(I wonder if this will go through)

Georg said...

Bonjour Smorgy,

How did you feel the quake in the open? Did you rush to the next tree (tree hugger)?


Smorg said...

Hiya Anna: Ack. I hope there is some way to fix that lousy internet connection you have! Been trying to send you the cat video but the file is just too large (20.1MB after compression). Will try from a bxm email soon (I heard they allow up to 50MB attachment size there). ;o)

Hiya Georgy: Oh, I was out at the cactus garden then so I didn't run for the nearest tree. ;oD It didn't feel very bad there... the ground just started bopping (like you are standing on a waterbed and someone bumps into it).

Its' waves were bigger than usual, but it wasn't fast moving, so it felt gentler than it should... Though at 20 seconds that was the longest earthquake I've felt yet (the longest one before that was about 13 seconds... back around 1993 when I was up in Riverside County east of LA). :o)

I'm moving further south today, though. Looking forward to it. ;o) Hope you're having a good weekend!