Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter/Spring!

Spring is here! I don't know if all the flowers are blooming, but the colorful Ranunculus at Carlsbad's famous Flower Fields are.... along with the roses at their Walk of Fame. Yours truly spent a day acting quite less than my age while putting my camera (now with a clean lens. Thanks very much!) to good use.

So, here's a flowery spring greeting and happy Easter (or Passover or whatever else is being celebrated this weekend) wishes to all in the northern hemisphere. To our friends on the south side of the Equator, though, happy autumn! Aren't you glad you survived summer without melting? :oD

The soundtrack is from Vesselina Kasarova's recital at Konzerthaus Wien in 2006.


Geisslein said...

Hey smorgy, wish you a relaxed and beautiful weekend! I´m so happy that spring is arrived in germany, I need sunshine and warmer weather desperately! Have a great time! Sunny greetings from good old germany, geisslein ;o)

yvette said...

I do not know how to express all the joys you send me in these eight minutes 10s of sheer beauty shared with these visitors. As for the music...Vesselina's voice swaying in the soft breeze with the flowers: Grand Art! Thank you Smorg.( Have a nice day, fully recovered I hope from your flu episode. It is breakfast time here and it is raining again)

Georg said...

Hi Smorgy,

A real spring time video. Carlsbad flower fields in early spring! Really wonderful. Sequence 3.06 minutes matches exactly the colors of my new paraglider. I wonder how they make all these flowers bloom on this poor parched read dirt.

And last not least Vesselina Kasarowa's singing blends splendidly into your Spring movie.


berenice said...

oh mister Smorg you are a Spring magician with that camera, what a lovely video! i haven't been to Carlsbad this year, hopefully i will soon! a friend at work shared with us some photos from the Anza Borrego desert where the flowers are blooming too, maybe we should take you and your camera and beautiful musical selections there too

have a lovely Sunday, it started gloomy and coldish here in Normal Heights, but the sun is shining now and i cuddle with the Gatos

see you soon!

and warm salutes from San Diego to Frau Geisslein and Herr Georg!

Smorg said...

Hallo Geisslein: Vielen Dank! I did have a good weekend indeed. Very glad to hear that the weather has turned more hospitable in Germany, too. You deserve a gorgeous and warm spring after those months of freezing weather! :oD

Wishing you a very sunny and pleasant week all the way from California. Thanks for stopping by! :o)

Bonjour Yvette: I'm delighted that you enjoyed the clip, mon amie. :oD Those flowers were so brightly colorful they really acted like a heavy dose of visual caffeine. Now I sort of know what it feels like to be a buzzing bee who wants to fuss around the blooming blossoms all day long. ;o)

I'm glad you enjoyed VK's singing, too. Her voice hypnotizes me... If there is a mother earth, I imagine she'd sound just like that!

Thanks very much for a visit. Wishing you a rain-free and very pleasant week from flu-free San Diego! :oD

Hallo Georgy: Ha! Now I don't have to worry about planes not being able to spot you flying in your paraglider (nice colors!). :oD

The groudkeepers there sure know what they are doing indeed. There are 3 potted flowering plants in my apartment that have resolutely refused to yield any flower (they are green and happy, but just won't bloom!). :o( I asked one of the gals working on a row of granada roses about it and she figured I shouldn't water the plants too much. Will see if that works! ;o)

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're having good flying weather this week!

Hola Bere: Gracias! I'm afraid my trick is just taking a lot of photos and only keeping the good ones. ;oD I'm afraid we got there a bit late (around 11AM) and the sun was too bright for some shots. The Flower Fields is a really marvelously hypnotic place, though!

And now you mention Anza Borrego! I've been meaning to go by there, but keep putting it off. :oD I don't think I've been through there since the mid 90's when I was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in sections (didn't go further north from Bend, OR, though). Hope to get out there before summer gets here!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, amiga. Hope you and los gatos are well and having a beautiful week!

Smorgy :oD