Monday, July 12, 2010

Pets Lost & Found (12 July 2010)

San Diego is teeming with pets, though a few can use your help getting back to their owners. Here are a few lost or found pet posters I and a pal found while walking around our respective neighborhoods in the past week.

1. Abby (Dog. Near Southwestern College in Chula Vista). Call (619) 755-7771.
2. Luna (Black cat. In University Height area of San Diego). Call (619) 602-5187.
3. Raven (Dog. In Little Italy area of San Diego). Call (480) 381-8828.
4. Ruka (Gray cat. In North Park area of San Diego). Call (619) 581-2225.

1. Two dogs (1 male, 1 female) near Southwestern College in Chula Vista. Call (619) 421-2520.
2. 1 dog near Southwestern College in Chula Vista. Call (619) 869-7741.


berenice said...

awww mister Smorg, you are so cool! announcing these lost creatures, hope they find home!

you know? Frau Kitty was one of these lost souls!! when she started hanging out around my house, she was lost, she was somebody's cat too, 'cause she was spayed and seemed to have had some training and human contact... since my neighbor took over her and my landlord before she was 'inherited' to me, i never put a flyer for her, and by now, she's my Kitty :)))

also Herr Gato escaped from his prior home!! but i found out too soon where he got lost from, the building next door!! he was neutered too, and his former name was CoCo!! ha ha, but he didn't like his owner grandsons, they sort of terrorized him so whenever they visited, he ran to my cottage and hid... then one day, he just didn't go back home, again my landlord and other neighbor started feeding him and then he would sat for hours outside my door, until he became mine, or became his, eventually...

hope these guys find their way home or another loving home!

Smorg said...

Hola Bere!
Thanks! :o) I hope all the pets either find their owners or are taken in by nice folks like you to hang with.

I think a few of these guys have done that, though, since their flyers are gone... though now I see a new one about a lost cat near here (will be adding her to the list after this). That 4th of July weekend was when most of the dogs ran off, I think (apparently got scared from all the fireworks going off).

Gotta tell you... I wish there are more cats in this neighborhood I now live in. It's really dogtown, USA! I get on well with them, but really prefer cats!

Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods. Cheerio from the overcast South Bay! :oD