Monday, July 19, 2010

Whew for the first heatwave of summer

You know, when I moved to Southern California in spring of 2003 I thought I had escaped the muggy humid hot weather of the American Midwest for good... But apparently weather patterns have bought into Thomas Friedman's flatworld globalization since then and I've spent the better part of this week drinking and fanning like mad to keep from evaporating into the thick steamy air.

Then.... it rained on Thursday afternoon and suddenly everything was much nicer and cooler. An odd occurrence in this climate. It used to be that in Missouri it rains to cool the earth off, while in San Diego it can't rain if the air isn't cool enough (the atmosphere here being so dry and all). I looked out the window at the unusual sight and got a real treat when I spotted a winged visitor on the neighbor's back fence! A real life redtailed hawk!
That was the closest I've got to a redtailed hawk in the wild... And he still somehow managed to spot me soon after the clip ended and flew off. I don't know how Chula Vista Nature Center manages to capture so many of the local raptors to house in their facility on the Bayfront (you can visit these birds for free since they aren't inside the main building).

On a more somber note, Sir Charles Mackerras (1925 - 2010), the great Australian classical conductor died earlier this week at age 84...

He really was great especially with Classical and Romantic period numbers with prominent woodwinds features. His complete recording of Mozart's Idomeneo with Anthony Rolfe Johnson and Lorraine Hunt Lieberson should be on the music shelves of all lovers of Mozart operas. It is easy to neglect to appreciate how good a classical conductor is nowadays. What with the generally better trained and discipline orchestras... But Sir Charles was one of those whose presence can turn a good group into a great one. 


Anonymous said...

Hiya there, dear Smorg!

Heh, there's definitely something weird going on with the world climate these days. We're having +37...+39 C this week in Moscow, and the weather broadcasts promise no fall of temperature whatsoever. Seems like I suddenly turned out to be in Tunis!

Hope you're doing fine!

Cheers, Arashi

Smorg said...

Privet Arashi!

We are getting a cool break now, and not a moment too soon. :oD I'm loving the overcast and cool weather very much... That last heatwave nearly vaporized all my body fat while turning my neurons into mush. :oP

Hope cooler weather shows up on your forecast soon! It is way too early for the summer cooker to turn up the heat yet. :o)

Cheerio from the Pacific Coast,
Smorgy :oD

Georg said...

Bonjour Smorgy,

You should come over here! Warm Summer, but not too warm. Cold mornings, even in Summer. Real Winter, hovering around 0°C most of the time.

At 550 m (1600 feet) ASL the air is nearly never charged with humidity, good for people with asthma.

If ever you think to move, look for a place higher up compared to sea level. Even in sunny California, there should be towns, big and small, above or around 1500 to 2500 feet ASL.


berenice said...

ahhh mister Smorg, what a cool movie! and YES red hawks seem to be popular in town too, here at Clairemont Mesa, by Murphy Canyon Rd we see a lot of them, chasing little rabbits and rats for lunch... but also, i saw one by my house!! it was a while ago but i was rather surprised to see a red hawk in the middle of the city!! by the alley... i thought it was my fault, i sort of created another "ecosystem" there by feeding so many birds, i bet he came to Normal Heights 'cause we have so many sparrows and doves, his perfect lunch!!

back them i still had my good lens working so i was able to zoom in and capture him on a photo real close!

and yes mister Smorg, very interesting weather this summer but like you, i am LOVING eat!! i don't do well with too much heat and the dryness, my asthma starts acting up, this is my happiest summer in San Diego, i just hope it doesn't get hot soon!