Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Price of Commercialized Journalism?

Real life is not a zero sum game... no matter how some people like to make it out to be for the sake of getting TV rating (and the ads-selling money that comes with it). The problem of course... is that a whole lot of people here keep buying the scam just because the scammers are labeling themselves as 'conservatives'.

If Fox News fooled you once, shame on them. Any repetition of the same sort of being fooled by the same so-called news organization, however, is an indictment on... you.

Rachel Maddow is to the left of me politically, but I'll buy her a drink anytime. You may disagree with her politics, but you can't deny that the lass is an honest journalist.

For good measure...

Added 2 Aug 2010:


André said...

Unbelievable methods by FOX News. The sad thing is that people ar enot only FOOLED by FOX but that many people understand what they are doing and still agree. Great watch.

Georg said...

Hi Smorgy,

Just tried to understand this. This racism stuff in the USA seems to be used to avoid treating other more pressing problems.

To be racially prejudiced, not to fall in love with the first foreigner (xenophobic), to be prejudiced in a lot of ways IS JUST NORMAL for nearly everybody. So why not admit it and pass on?

Looking at this brown lady I thought she was Indian but it appears she is just black for US Americans, meaning of African descent.

Here in France they have found another solution to this problem. Mentioning the racial origin of someone is anathema. As race does not exist why talking about it? If you do it wrath on you. You might loose your job, get a fine, face endless trouble. Here, we have only two kind of people: French and foreigner. In case of some arrests for horrible misdeeds or suburb riots, the media speak invariably of youngsters (jeunes) who did this or that.



Smorg said...

Hallo André,
It is astounding indeed how so many people here willingly go along with whatever FOX News personalities tell them regardless of evidence to the contrary. Being anti-government for the sake of being anti-government seems such a hip thing to be. And so many are so willing to fall for these government conspiracy theories and false either-or-choices (you are either for conservatives or you are a socialist/racist/atheist/gay/illegal-in-some-ways/abortionist/etc.) it is quite appalling. :o(

And equally bad is the liberal government without a spine to stand their ground against this loony a political opposition (instead they are always endlessly trying to appease them and end up owning laws and policies that don't help the country as much as they ought because they get diluted and watered down in the process of trying to appease fundamentalist right-wingers who then wouldn't vote for the laws anyway).

Hope it is going better in Germany. You guys had just elected a new President not long ago. :oD

Hallo Georgy,
I think racism here is a bit complicated because of the bloody Civil War and violent civil rights era and the fact that Americans have and love to use their guns (the right to bear arms is protected by the 2nd Amendment), so there is an uncomfortably high potential for violence when it comes to that.

That's one of the things that have been bugging me about this 'tea party' political movement that popped up after Obama became president. A whole bunch of these tea-party-ers had worked themselves up to believe that Obama would do away with the 2nd Amendment (fat chance considering how conservative today's Supreme Court is) and so they keep showing up at town hall meetings and political rallies carrying guns.

Here in San Diego there is an up surge of 'open-carry' advocates, people who walk around town openly carrying a gun (unloaded but with ammo within easy reach) everywhere claiming that they need to do that to 'protect themselves' (the rest of us think they are a bunch of immature idiots who are still trying to relive childhood cowboys-and-Indians fantasy in public). Never mind that crime rates here have been steadily dropping in the last decade... :oP

Hopefully most of this is exaggerated due to media coverage of only the lunatics and that the upcoming congressional elections in November will see the Democrats retain control of the Houses (they have depressingly soft spine, but they are still better than the alternatives, imho). I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :o)

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, André and Georgy! Hope August has started well on your side of the pond!