Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clouds are the celestial spice

Southern California and its Mediterranean climate isn't all that hospitable to clouds, especially during the dry summer months. So, I indulged myself a bit while out walking around last week and enjoying its unseasonably cloudy cool sky.

Laid on the cushy green grass in a park and trying to sort out what sort of atmospheric conditions were happening up high to facilitate different types of clouds and even that hypnotic looking spectral ball on the western sky, an unexpected piece of music popped up in my head. It was unexpected because I hadn't heard it since over a year ago... the last time I popped the excellent CD set of Offenbach's Orphee aux enfers (Orpheus in the Underworld) from the Opera de Lyon with Marc Minkowski conducting into my stereo. What you hear in this clip is a bit of the overture...

Addictively psychedelic, isn't it? 


cease ill said...

Sorry you're "bugged" ! This entry, I'll enjoy many times to come. The skies have been on my mind and in my dreams of late!

Id it is said...

Beautiful trails! Wasn't it my post on the clouds in Nova Scotia that got us to meet on the blogosphere...

Smorg said...

Hiya Cease & Id:
Thanks for stopping by! It's been very sunny this week, so I'm really glad I shot those clouds when I had the chance. ;o) Now I'll just keep playing the clip and day dream of cooler days... until the fall arrives.

Hope y'all are having a good (and bug-free) August!

Smorgy :o)

berenice said...

dear mister Smorg, this is beautiful!! you did a great job with the movie, and yes we don't have many clouds in San Diego, i always wait for October and January when we get some rain and clouds, today is so hot! so clouds at all, but we have yours that are so refreshing

also mister Smorg, i think now, you can be a proud member of the Cloud Appreciation Society! i am a member myself :)

and maybe ID should apply too, now i am going to look for that Nova Scotia clouds post to!

Georg said...

Hello Smorgy,

Cloud appreciation society: I am an addicted member myself.

Most of the clouds you show are of the cirrus type, the highest species of the cloud family, 8000 meter above ground, composed of ice particles.

Wonderful music. In the beginning I thought this to be from C.M. von Weber, one of his clarinet concertos....


Smorg said...

Hiya Bere and Georgy:
Thanks very much! I'm glad you liked the clip. Thanks for telling me about the could appreciation society, too. It is awesome!

Smorgy... well cooked even before the heatwave hits! :o)