Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Local discovery: a tree house in Chula Vista

You know how you can walk past something special almost everyday for months and never stop to notice it? I just had another episode of that a week or so ago. Indi, the roommate's Rottweiler look-alike (she has recently been DNA tested and turns up the penultimate mutt... an even mix of four different non-Rottweiler breeds. I'm not quite buying it considering that I can see no characteristic of a chow chow, but plenty of tendency to excessively salivate when exercising or when thinking foody thoughts), go out for a walk on most evening just before sunset. And we often pass through this park up the road... and sometimes we would veer off into the little trail into the brushes toward another housing community. Though... we usually only walk the trail in only one direction. This time we ran into a bunch of mountain bikers and decided to head back out, which was how I suddenly noticed something not particularly natural about this quiet little tree tugged to the north side of the trail head. 

I'm sure I've seen many types of tree branches, but not ones like these. So naturally I headed up to investigate and got to see the surrounding area from an unfamiliar viewpoint.

It isn't a full scale tree house per se, but a great little hide away place to sit on and watch over the park nearby... I'm not stating its exactly location, of course, lest some over-zealous city official finds out and try to have it torn down.

The next time you go out walking around the neighborhood, though, be sure to look around. You never know what fun places may be hiding in plain sight!


Georg said...


Let's hope your blog is not being read in City Hall.

Or this is being read and appreciated nevertheless. Could be, couldn't it?


Smorg said...

Hallo Georgy,
I hope so (that it is read and appreciated and nothing will be done about it)! :o)

It is just that here in America everyone is so afraid of lawsuit that there is a good chance that someone will have it taken down because the city doesn't want to get sued if some kid falls out of it. :oP Suing and hoping to win a cash settlement is America's favorite get-rich-quick trick, I'm afraid. :o(

Cheerio from the flying pan that is trying to pass itself off as Southern California,
Smorgy :o)